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Hiking the BCMC Trail to the Peak of Grouse Mountain


June 2013

This weekend was the sunniest so far of 2012 so we took a much needed break and spent Saturday afternoon climbing Grouse Mountain. This was Fatima’s first time doing the BC Mountain Climber’s (BCMC) trail which is adjacent to the Grouse Grind. It kind of winds around the mountain a little more than the Grind but it has some spectacular scenery.

I’ve done this trail in a little over an hour but Fatima is a little more inexperienced so we took our time :-P.

Check out the pictures and video!


bcmc trail grouse mt

bcmc trail grouse mt

bcmc trail grouse mt

bcmc trail grouse mt

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Daman Beatty
  1. Pa Ul says

    wow lovely site 🙂

  2. Daman Beatty says

    Thanks 🙂

  3. goche says

     I can’t believe you’ve done the trail in an hour! Good for you. It remains one of my favourite things to do on a (not too rainy) weekend. The trick is remembering to set aside the time to go up there! Thanks for posting these photos. You’ve inspired me to get out there again.

  4. damanb says

    You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it! You should also check out Dog Mountain on Seymour

  5. Tap Routine says

    I thought GG just opened last Saturday (May 19). Does BCMC open earlier?

  6. Daman Beatty says

    Honestly I’m not sure the schedule.

  7. Consider It Done Movers says

    Nice photos you’ve got! Very interesting trip!

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