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How Canada’s ties to Norway bring more Norwegians to small towns


One of the most interesting facts about Canada is that it was first discovered by Norwegians. That’s right, it wasn’t the settlers that kept on moving further north once the mainland was discovered. No, the first Europeans to set foot in Canada were Norwegian Vikings trying to look for new land to settle on and create communities. It’s believed that this happened around 1000 years ago and the Norwegians called Canada Newfoundland, which is still a real place with one of the most adorable dog breeds ever too.

Naturally, this first encounter quickly flushed away when it comes to Canadian-Norwegian relations, but it’s safe to say that both of these countries quickly became very friendly towards each other during the last years of the 19th century as well as throughout the 20th. The shared experience of living in small cities or communities and battling the cold almost every season of the year was enough of a topic to talk about together and truly see each other as equals.

But the main event that probably solidified Canadian-Norwegian relations the most was when the two countries joined NATO and became its founding members.

Let the Migration Begin

Once relations reached their maximum positivity, Norwegians slowly but surely started to discover Canada for what it really was. Back in the 20th century, it was one of the biggest countries for opportunity alongside the United States. Although most Norwegians still favored the states, some wanted to start completely from scratch, thus targeted cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Don’t forget that Canada is more than open to new citizens wanting to work and live in the country, especially when they are really good experts in their crafts.

Well, Norwegians were always on the top of the list in terms of preferences for citizenship candidates. The years of experience for working on oil extraction and engineering made Norwegians some of the most desired demographics for Canadian citizenship as it was almost guaranteed that they would be immeasurably profitable for the local economy.

From oil to Simple Lives

Naturally, the main driver of this migration was that Norwegians failing to find work in the local oil industry qucikly found new opportunities in Canada. Settling in cities or towns nearest to oil rigs as often as possible.

However, once the quota was met for the oil industry, Norwegians that had not yet visited the country, still continued applying for work opportunities, simply because of how successful their friends and family were in Canada.

Reaching for Small Communities

Norwegians had a very specific style of emigration. They would discover small cities that had either a very small community or no community at all of Norwegians. They would immediately settle in that city and start forming their own.

This is one of the reasons why so many Norwegians quickly reached Surrey, alongside the emigration from Vancouver to slightly more in-land locations.

Nowadays, Norwegian communities are so large and so common in Canadian countries that Norwegian TV stations or entertainment brands schedule special shows on Canadian times to reach their countrymen.

This is one of the main reasons why top online Norwegian bookmakers see so much traffic from Canada. Norwegians like to spread information about the best that they can offer to the world, and entertainment is one of them.

Due to the local population’s affiliation with gambling, alongside an almost free offline gambling market, the two communities managed to bond quite well over this shared interest. Norwegians would bring over their online versions which would help Canadians stay at home where it’s warm, while Canadian casinos would be hotspots for Norwegians too well accustomed to the freezing temperatures.

Bonding Over Sports

Another very important factor in the friendship that’s present between Norwegians and Canadians is their love of sports. Specifically, the love of hockey. It’s very hard to find a Canadian who would prefer any other sport to hockey and the same can be said about Norwegians.

In fact, it’s thanks to the Canadian hockey league that this sport started to gain fame in Norway. Matts Zucarello quickly distinguished himself in the sport and inspired his countrymen to pay a bit more attention to this sport. Well, at least as much attention as their neighbors the Swedes and the Finns were doing.

Thanks to years of bonding and adapting to the local entertainment culture, Norwegians are now one of the few countries that have a love for a sport but a record still on its way to being perfected.