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How to Engage People with Your Email Marketing


Email marketing is the updated version of posting a promotional flyer through someone’s letterbox. It’s also an incredibly underrated form of digital advertising. Nowadays, there’s a real focus on social media, even though email marketing has been proven to be more effective and faster at converting website visitors into customers.

However, it’s harder to get people to open and read an email than it is to for them to casually scroll over a social media post. There’s a real knack to getting it just right. So, if you’re wanting to get the best possible results out of your email marketing campaigns, then look no further. This article will be discussing how to make them more engaging.

1.) Eye-Catching Subject

The subject of your email is essentially the title of the piece. It needs to be as eye-catching as a newspaper headline because you want it to stand out amongst the other emails in people’s inboxes. If you have a dull subject for your email, people aren’t going to be intrigued and feel inclined to open the message.

It’s important to spend some time thinking about the ‘headline’ for your email marketing campaign and trying to make it different from the rest. Many companies will make their subject lines about discounts they’re currently offering or address the recipient by name (which you can do by using mass email software). These are effective tactics for grabbing the reader’s attention, reeling them in so they’re more likely to open the message.

2.) Attractive Display

It’s important to work on your email’s layout so it looks attractive. People don’t engage with boring blocks of text. They’ll likely click away from your promotional email if it looks too dense or dull. You should invest some time into perfecting an aesthetically pleasing email layout which doesn’t rely too heavily on text. Instead, focus on interspersing graphics throughout. These include gifs or images.

Have a look at this guide on how to insert a gif into an email if you need any help doing so. You should also the colours of your brand for the email’s background and accents. Change the font so it’s attractive and easy to read, too. All these factors will make your emails more engaging, so your contacts are more likely to visit your company website, in turn generating business.

3.) Tailored Content

The main issue with email marketing is that people don’t like to be bombarded with spam. It doesn’t reflect favourably on your business and your message will likely end up unopened or worse, deleted. So, it’s essential to avoid spamming people with your email marketing, particularly if you’re sending mass emails.

You can do this by organising your contacts into categories and tailoring your content to the individual with a mass email software. This technology allows you to address your mass email to each person by name. It will also personalise the content within to them, depending on their browsing history while they were on your website. You’re bound to see far more engagement from customers with tailored content.

4.) Data Analysis

Using data analytics for your email marketing, you can evaluate its effectiveness. Check how many people have opened your messages; see who goes on to buy a product from your website following on from this. By using analytics, you uncover what is and isn’t working. From here, you can adjust your email marketing accordingly and create content which is proven to be engaging.

This is how to improve your email marketing, so it becomes more engaging. Analyse the campaign’s effectiveness, personalise the content, make your layout more attractive, and use an attention-grabbing subject line to see the best results.