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How Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep


You might think that it is fine to settle for just any mattress, but do you know how profoundly the mattress that you lie on for hours at night affects your sleep quality, and as a result, your health? Besides declining your productivity during the day, poor sleep quality also weakens your body. That is why a comfortable mattress is vital for your overall well-being. The following are the four ways in which your mattress affects your health and sleep:

1. A comfy mattress promotes restful sleep

Snoozing on a worn-out and a not-so-comfy mattress can lead to stress buildup over time. If you continue to get insufficient sleep, there can be serious repercussions, one of them being increased anxiety. Prolonged stress and sleep deprivation can lead to other serious psychological problems, such as depression.

If you have been experiencing abnormal sleep patterns related to your mattress, now is undoubtedly the best time to ditch the old mattress and get a new one. A new, comfy mattress will provide you with quality sleep that keeps stress levels down. When you sleep soundly at night, you are more likely to have a better mood and peace of mind during the day.

2. The right mattress relieves pains and aches

If you lie in a mattress with no proper support to your body, its lopsided downward gravity and upwards resistance can misalign your body and form pressure points. Consequently, you may feel sore, and your joints may end up aching when you try to move them. Sleeping on such a lousy mattress can even cause you to develop other body aches and pains, such as neck pain, hip pain, and lower back pain.

The best way to prevent body aches is by choosing a high-quality mattress that provides proper support to your spinal curvature in all slumber positions and allows for a healthy sleep posture. In addition to offering proper support to your body, a good mattress should also distribute your weight evenly to eliminate pressure points. Over time, a good mattress can significantly reduce or completely relieve chronic pain and aches.

3. A good mattress prevents allergies

Just like old carpets, old mattresses a haven for dust mites, which are a big contributor to allergies in the home. Besides allergies, dust mites are among the leading causes of respiratory problems such as asthma. If you’ve been experiencing nasal congestion, runny nose, dry skin, or pimples, then the culprit might be the mattress that you are sleeping on every night.

To avoid allergies, skin problems, and respiratory problems, you should get a new, eco-friendly, and germ-resistant mattress. You should also consider using mattress protectors to block the dust. Also, be sure to wash it often to get rid of dust mites. Sleeping on a clean mattress will enable you to sleep better at night as you won’t have any discomfort.

5. A high-quality mattress can improve quality of life

If you thought that a high-quality mattress was only good at improving your sleep, think again. According to sleep and health experts, sleeping on a good mattress can help to improve your quality of life, and it does so in a number of ways. When you sleep in a comfortable mattress, you get quality sleep, which in turn helps to:

  • Improve your memory
  • Boost your performance during the day
  • Enhance your productivity

You should also note that poor sleeping posture can lead to snoring, which is a leading cause of many marital problems. Not only does snoring disrupt your sleep, but it also disrupts your partner’s sleep. Sleeping on a good supportive mattress can help to minimize or prevent snoring altogether, thus improve your quality of life and that of your partner’s.

Tips for Choosing a Good Mattress

After throwing away your old and uncomfortable mattress, immediately comes the tedious process of choosing a new one that will hopefully serve you well for years to come. With many brands and a handful of mattress types to choose from, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there.

  • Determine your budget: While mattresses are available at different price ranges, desist from buying the cheapest brand or type. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and good supporting mattress, plan to spend more than $500.
  • Choose natural over synthetic: A mattress that is made using natural materials is not only eco-friendly and durable, but it is also more comfortable to sleep in as it does not have off-gassing.
  • Go for memory foam: This type of mattress has several favorable properties. It conforms to your body and has motion isolation capabilities.
  • Determine what an ideal firmness for you is: Choose the level of firmness that is comfortable for you depending on your body type and weight.

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