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Is Volunteering a Good Choice for a College Student?


Volunteering is an activity undertaken by a person for the benefit of society or individual social groups without any expectation of remuneration. Volunteers do not become financially motivated but want to help others and gain invaluable life experience.

Volunteering provides many opportunities that allow you to look at yourself and the world around in a new way. People learn and get acquainted with lots of new stuff, and in many cases, they change mindsets.

Volunteering is a way of life of a modern civilized man. Especially the young one.

More than one hundred million people today participate in the volunteer movement around the world. So if you are considering this option for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a student struggling between keeping a good academic record and an unbearable desire to help others, there are many ways to ease the burden for you. Consider delegating your assignments to professionals from and start pursuing your dream!

In this article, you will find nine points advocating students’ volunteering.

You Will Boost Your Self-Esteem

As a volunteer, all you will be doing can be called the right cause – you’ll help people. By participating in social  projects, you make the world around a little bit better.

By taking part in environmental activities, you contribute to the salvation of our planet. Concentrate on the fact that you are making good things happen, meaning you are truly a good person.

Very soon, you’ll feel differently about yourself.

You Grow Up

Volunteering has several hierarchical levels. It usually starts with small actions in one’s city. As you gain experience, you have the opportunity to work at events like football matches or international forums.

You can also improve your skills in different areas. Everything combined, after such a practice, you’ll be a new person – more responsible and generally better.

You Travel

Volunteering is a way of life. Once you’re immersed in this world, interesting projects will be catching your eye all day long.

There are plenty of sports events of international level and worldwide charitable projects to attend. This is a great opportunity to travel. Besides, volunteers are usually provided with accommodation and food.

You Improve Command of Foreign Languages

Many projects and events are attended by guests from other countries. Communication takes place on different occasions.

Gradually you’ll overcome the language barrier. Volunteering is the best way to master any tongue perfectly.

You Build the Foundation of Future Career

The first thing the company looks at when hiring a person is a CV or resume. In addition to education and work experience, you are usually asked to tell more about what else you do in life.

Having a few volunteering projects, especially some from abroad, will be a huge plus for you

You Increase the Chances of Receiving Grants

The same is true for resumes to apply for a grant or scholarship to study abroad. Of course, you could benefit from a good academic record and compliance with the basic parameter of a program.

Yet, always be sure to point out that you are a volunteer – in most cases, this will uplift your name to the top of the application list.

You Can Find New Friends

Volunteers are people of different ages, nationalities, occupations, and hobbies. But they are all bright, talented individuals who are energetic and open-minded.

By participating in projects, you make hundreds of new acquaintances, some of which will surely grow into strong friendships. You meet people from other cities, countries, even continents. It’s an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

You Will Be Doing Something Meaningful

As you assess your personal life, studying, or business activities, think about what good you do for others. Volunteering for some kids’ camp, for example, will not eat lots of your time. But you will know that the development of these children is partially your contribution.

You’ll know you do something meaningful during each volunteering project.

You'll Reveal Many Talents

Volunteer projects are a great field to boost one’s creativity. If you’re looking for ways to express yourself, you should volunteer. If you know how to draw – develop a logo for a new project.

If you do sports, consider coaching a team of schoolchildren. If you know a foreign language, become a volunteer translator.

Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s always a niche in volunteer movement for you to realize skills and find new talents.

In Conclusion

Despite the pragmatism of our century, there are enough people who want to work free of charge. What drives people who spend their time and resources?

Firstly, it is an opportunity to distract themselves from all the negative stuff happening around them. Secondly, it is tempting to realize that you can change something in life, even if not on a planetary scale. Thirdly, working in a team of like-minded people allows you to have fun and make new acquaintances.

In all civilized countries, volunteer work is considered an integral part of any citizen’s life. If you can, you help the community. This is the concept of social responsibility.