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Kiwis flocking to Canada – is it the new promised land?


Many people have started calling Canada the new host of the American dream. Being situated in North America was pretty helpful in adopting that title and in most cases, people tend to agree with this statement as well.

In terms of opportunities, development, available goods and various other luxuries that can be imagined in a Western country can be found in every Canadian city, while also benefiting from government-supported programs such as healthcare, assisted employment and etc.

All of this seemed quite enticing for many people from all over the world, thus the extreme multicultural nature of Canada and its most populous cities. This opportunity was taken by New Zealanders as well, who now usually arrive in Toronto or Vancouver. Fortunately for us, there’s an abundance of evidence to show how Kiwis feel about this country.

From Sandy Beaches to Frozen Tundras

New Zealand is not necessarily a one-trick-pony when it comes to climate, but that doesn’t mean that people are not adjusted to the local tendencies either. Considering that most of the populous cities are located at the feet of mountains or near the shore, it’s pretty easy to assume that they’re more used to a tropical climate rather than the freezing environment they’re exposed to in Canada.

Sure some of the Kiwis may come from New Zealand’s mountainous areas, but that’s still not nearly as cold as Canada, right?

Well, as it turns out, Kiwis are quite versatile when it comes to adjusting to new climates. Thanks to their island being so diverse in this, they’re pretty much adapted to finding new ways to warm themselves up. And to be honest, they’ve gotten pretty good at it as well.

Stories from Kiwis living in Vancouver as well as nearby Surrey tell how well they are able to find locations or ways to stay out of the cold. Although most of it includes not leaving the house, there are other creative ways such as always walking in groups or having some kind of additional barrier for the winds. It’s all pretty well known for the locals, who Kiwis most likely learned these tricks from.

Clinging to Smaller Cities

Kiwi cities are definitely not as big as in Canada. Well at least not as big as Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec city. This is one of the reasons why Kiwis like to settle in small towns that are quite near large cities due to commuting issues.

One of these cities turned out to be Surrey, which is slowly but surely growing its Kiwi population by the day.

Familiar Entertainment

Another main reason why Kiwis find it so easy to adapt to Canadian culture is due to how similar it is to their own one. Naturally, the internet has merged most pop cultures of all the countries, but some differences can still be seen.

When it comes to Kiwis and Canadians, there are very small differences. According to some New Zealanders who’ve been living near Surrey for the past 5 years, having new online casino games NZ readily accessible from their location is exactly the kind of hospitality they were expecting when they got here.

You see, both New Zealand and Canada used to be British colonies, so having the shared culture of gambling is not anything new, especially when it comes to universal types of platforms. Pair that up with other similarities such as love of sports and the usual love for the pop culture and we get two nationalities that are very similar.

In terms of digital presence, Kiwis do feel like they’re at home when they’re in Canada.

Success Stories

New Zealand has a pretty small population, which means that word about an event or pretty much anything else gets around very quickly. This was the perfect opportunity for Canada to shine for the local community.

You see, any time a Kiwi would go to Canada and find relatively better success than what’s expected locally, it would quickly be known for quite a large community.

These stories were usually what inspired Kiwis to pack their bags and move to Canada despite all of the warnings of it being cold or hard to start off in the big cities. Furthermore, due to this concentrated community, many Kiwis willing to move to Canada would already have friends or relatives living there, thus making their accommodation much easier.

This would positively impact their chances of getting a Visa to enter the country in hopes of finding a job or making their own business. Soon enough, all of this combined into thousands of Kiwis settling streets or neighborhoods in the surrounding towns of large cities.