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Lahore: The Iconic Monument of a Majestic City


Notwithstanding as the capital of Pakistan, Lahore has always remained as a cultural, architectural, artistic and historical hub of this piece of land, Pakistan. If you are passionate about historical and cultural monuments, Lahore ought to be your final destination without any exception. The imprints of formidable Mughal’s masterpieces that faded even British legacy, can be viewed around the Old City of Lahore.


Over the years, Lahore has bloomed itself into bustling city with ever increasing metropolis pollution and intense atmosphere but also have sublime and symbolic architectural structures that can arouse a divine sensation in a glance of every visitor. It gives me immense pleasure to talk about the heritage of my city but I will commence from Badshahi Mosque.


Badshahi Mosque is a revered and agile legacy of Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb Alamgir who was the sixth emperor of Mughal Dynasty and has imperial title, named as Alamgir. The construction of Mosque was completed in 1674 under the leadership of Emperor himself. Opposite the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque is standing elegantly and confidently. Badshahi Mosque is the 2nd largest mosque of the country and South Asia and the 5th largest Mosque of the whole world. The majestic structure of Badshahi Mosque manifests the beauty, passion and grandeur of Mughal’s era and also demonstrates how exceptional they were in their architectural sensibility.

owsum Badshahi Masjid

Badshahi Mosque possessed four narrowing minarets, made up of red sandstone, three huge marble domes and an open courtyard, believed to hold up to 100,000 worshipers at a time. The mosque was seriously damaged in British Rule, but subsequently restored and renovated. It is proclaimed, that rooms above the entrance gate of mosque has hairs of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other artifacts, you will charge five rupees as admission fee to see these rooms here. In the evening, the illuminated view of Mosque becomes iconic and panoramic. Badshahi Mosque has similar architectural scheme like Jamia Mosque in Delhi, India.


In the courtyard of Mosque, the Tomb of Allama Iqbal, who was the philosopher-poet of Pakistan, is standing with all its glory. The tomb is the modest memorial structure, made up of red sandstone, and retained the memory of this great poet who first postulated the Idea of an independent state for Muslims of Indo-Pak in 1930.


The Government of Pakistan urged to include this historical and architectural monument as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO’ s World Heritage List which later included in Pakistan’s Tentative List for possible nomination as world heritage site.

Altogether, Badshahi Mosque is the most popular landmark and major tourist attraction in Lahore with all its divine beauty and majestic appearance. Therefore, if you are visiting Pakistan, especially Lahore, a stroll around the Mall Road of the city, can yield you to this eye-catching monument of the dazzling history in Pakistan.