The World of Daman Beatty

Melody of a mother’s heart


A poem by Bérangère Maïa Parizeau

Heavenly love
mystic rhythms, heartbeats
in her womb, your first melody
primordial sounds of joy!
sacred-egg, fertility, white-mother-goddess

The white goddess
a young maiden in bloom
dance! Fairy! dance!
In the radiance of mystical-union
a soul-child descends from heaven!

Her flowers split open…
the maiden is now in full bloom!
coming into this world, tears-crying!
her embrace like honey-fragrance
in this world of seasons
you are her most-precious jade-mirror

She teaches you everything subtle
the secrets of the pine shoots and flowerlets!
The poetry of the elves
and that the world is in everything…
Playfulness, desire and passion
she is so proud to see that you are flying with your own wings…

One day, after seasons of poesy…
Life cycle, in full ring!
Spiritual death, her earthling-body perished!
fecund mother, fertile soil
she moves through the clouds and dreams
a ceremony that will neither be forgotten nor repeated
receptive in symbolic forms, the rain cleans her shrine
in the same way it cleanses your elvish-tears

Can you feel her loving-kindness in the winter-winds?