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NCAA 2020: The Top 5 College Basketball Rankings


With only a few days left before March comes rolling around, teams from different states of America are fighting with all they have to get a shot at the prestigious and wholly intense March Madness Final Four. Before that, however, teams must be able to qualify for Selection Sunday happening this March 15. Even as we speak, teams are all hyped up to snatch a spot in the bracket.

With the Madness slowly consuming the minds of avid basketball fans, many have their eyes set not only on their favorite teams but also on the sides that are on a power streak this season. These five teams had proven not only their skills on the court but also their teamwork that egged them to rise above other college teams.

Kansas Jayhawks

Rising from their previous fourth spot up to the top spot, the Kansas Jayhawks now hold the number one spot in the official 2020 NCAA basketball lines. Just last Saturday, Kansas managed to peg off the Baylor Bears from their former number one spot. It was a significant win for the Jayhawks after losing to the Bears last January 11.

Winning the game with a 64-61 in Waco, the Jayhawks are now on even ground with Baylor on the Big 12 Standings. Their center, Udoka Azubuike, managed to take a score of 23 points with 19 rebounds. Eleven of his field goals had been dunks.

However, despite being currently labeled as the Nation’s Top Team, the Kansas Jayhawks are under investigation by the FBI. An accusation of corruption in college basketball had tainted the name of the team, and the Jayhawks might face obstacles after this season will end. This is the baggage the team has to carry with them while continuing to finish the regular season.

Baylor Bears

Now that the Kansas Jayhawks snatched their spot as number one, the Baylor Bears stand second in the overall net ranking list. Their No. 1 was dominated by the Jayhawks’ No. 3, Udoka Azubuike. The Jayhawks broke off the Baylor’s dominant winning streak.

Winning the season’s series and beating the Jayhawks could have led the Bears closer to the Conference Title after 70 long years. After their defeat, they are now toe-to-toe with the Jayhawks, still fighting for the top spot. Both teams still have four remaining regular-season games.

This was Baylor’s biggest game of this year. Despite their turbulent performance when it comes to their offense, they still managed to achieve double-digit streaks with sheer defensive strength. Again, due to Kansas’ excellent play, with scorers, Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike leading the game lost their winning streak. However, with 12 points, the Baylor bears are still superior in transition points compared with the Jayhawks.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

After crushing the unranked San Francisco Dons last Saturday 71-54, the Gonzaga Bulldogs now stand tall on the third spot of the NCAA’s Net Ranking list.

San Francisco dominated the first half of the game with a 9-point lead against Gonzaga at the end of the first half. However, the Bulldogs plowed through the second half, outscoring the Dons. The half ended with a 26-point lead in favor of Gonzaga.

Killian Tillie led the Bulldogs with 22 points while grabbing nine rebounds, despite missing several games due to a sprained ankle. Fellow teammate Filip Petrusev managed to win the team 16 points, while Ryan Woodridge got 12 and distributed 7 assists. Gonzaga has been aiming to win the league undefeated for two consecutive seasons.

Dayton Flyers

Taking the fourth spot of the list, the Dayton Flyers remain unbeaten in the Atlantic 10 after the game against Duquesne Dukes last Saturday at home with a final score of 80-75. The game against the Dukes was the Flyer’s 16th consecutive win this season. With four games remaining in the regular season, the Flyers are continuing to aim for the top of the seed during Selection Sunday.

The key to their win, according to experts, was Obi Toppin’s exemplary performance. He leads the team’s score with 16 points, making him the only Flyer team member to score in double digits. If Dayton will triumph the last four games of their regular season and dominate the Atlantic 10, they can become the first Atlantic 10 No.1 seed ever since Saint Joseph’s in 2004.

San Diego State Aztecs

Now claiming the fifth spot, San Diego State Aztecs faced defeat against UNLV, breaking their 26 consecutive wins this season. With final scores of 66-63, the two teams met last Saturday at Viejas Arena, San Diego. This was the Aztecs’ first loss of the year.

The two teams were heated during the first several minutes of the game. However, the Rebels took off midway during the first half of the game, taking a 10-point lead against the Aztecs. Malachi Flynn still led the Aztecs with 24 points and nine rebounds. His teammates Matt Michell and Jordan Schakel both got a combined score of 23, with 13 for the former and 10 to the latter. However, despite their efforts, the team still lost the game.


With the regular season coming to an end and March Madness creeping in, each team is firing it up to reach the top one seed. Five teams showed incredible performance during the regular season, propelling them up to a chance to be the best among the best. Fans and experts alike still have to wait for a few more days before Selection Sunday comes, and the teams’ fates are decided.