The World of Daman Beatty

Redefining a North Shore Classic


Words & Photos by: Brent Hillier

Mount Fromme is often credited as the birthplace of Freeride Mountain Biking. With the last dump of snow it was time for me to put the bike away and see what the mountain could offer on skis.

When I first moved to the North Shore I went for a snowshoe up Mountain Highway. At the time there was lots of snow right down to the yellow gate, I thought nothing of it. Over the years I’ve come to realize that opportunity was rare. So when the chance to ski tour on Mount Fromme presented itself last week, I jumped on it.

preparing for a ski tour on Mount Fromme

The residents of upper Mountain Highway have become accustom to mountain bikers congregating on their street. Over the years there has been some confrontation but I’d like to think that we’ve all learn to coexist. Today there’s a new user group in the neighbourhood, and we trade our chain lube for p-tex and helmets for toques. But beyond that, us skiers are pretty similar to mountain bikers; Heck, some off us even moonlight as both.

It’s not unusual to see Mount Fromme with a dusting of snow; but today, this can be defined as a solid blanket.

The entrance of the trail Bobsled. Today the name seems more fitting.

On the North Shore, you’re not the only crazy in the mountains, but when the only other tracks stop and turn around, that makes you the craziest on that mountain, on that particular day. Despite that, it’s more then likely that someone is on another North Shore mountain trumping you at that exact moment.

Out of the fog and into the sun!

Might be some time before we’re riding 7th again.

Might be some time before we’re riding 7th again.

Coffee in the sun! Once again, it's feeling like spring is back.
Coffee in the sun! Once again, it’s feeling like spring is back.

Not many ski tours can provide a poutine and beer at the top.

With a full belly and the sun setting it was time to make my way down.

Sometimes in life you must take the road less travelled. Or just take the well-travelled road in a new way.