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Review Of Frozen 2 (2019)


So… after watching the first Frozen a bazillion times with the littles, a few things became apparent to me:

1. My top all time Disney animated movies are: (No particular order)
– The Lion King (1994)
– Beauty and the Beast (1991)
– Aladdin (1992)
– Moana
– Big Hero 6

2. I can happily add Frozen to the above list
3. A good story is the key to what I constitute as an all-round amazing movie – animated or live-action.

(My top Pixar movies will be brought up at a later time)

Which brings me to Frozen 2. Is it any good? I enjoyed it. I laughed when it was funny, I was saddened in parts and in awe with the animation overall. I felt it was not as good as the first one but still, the story was compelling enough to warrant this 4/5 star rating. It took the audience on an interesting path in terms of exploring Elsa and Anna’s background and it was definitely darker in tone which I liked. Songs were ok although I feel there were a couple of song numbers that kind of tried to hold their own against the first one’s anthemic earth-shattering, blockbusting, ice-palace molding ear-worm.

Also, I couldn’t help but compare parts of the story as I was watching it to a previous Disney/Pixar entry – Brave.
Without spoiling either movie, I’ll say 2 things:
Four big vertically standing rocks
A beam of light like a flame zinging around the screen

… both of which are in the trailers.

I personally hope that a 3rd one isn’t green-lit as I feel their story has reached a decent conclusion and any attempt at a second sequel may fall into the trap of a ‘TV Movie’ masquerading as a big cinematic outing. Maybe a third one could be a straight-to-Disney+ type of deal.

However, I know a third will def be released in the cinema first because it’s too much of a moneymaker. I mean after reading online today, the money Frozen 2 has made so far on opening weekend (box office currently sitting at almost US$360 Mill = Biggest Global opening of all time for an animated movie at the time of writing this!), it’s not a question of ‘if?’ but ‘when?’…maybe.

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