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[REVIEW] Titanfall Xbox One is Tons of Fun



Microsoft Lands the First Jab with Huge Exclusive Titanfall

Now that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have been out for a little while, it was Microsoft who threw the first jab with their huge exclusive Titanfall (well exclusive if you do not count the 360 and the PC version). Many saw Titanfall as a reason to go out there and either pick up a Xbox One instead of a Playstation 4 or maybe even get one as well as already owning a Playstation 4. The funny thing is after putting some serious time into Titanfall I can honestly say that the game is just a ton of fun and while not perfect it is still a really fun first person shooter.

titanfall gameplay*1

Titanfall is a Great Looking Game


Each map just has so much stuff going on and its really cool if you can get to a high point on the map and just look down on all the action and the destruction that is going on. Of course you do not want to stay up there to long as you will get killed, but it’s cool to do in order to see the scope of the game.

Titanfall Scenery*2

A Single Player Campaign Storyline Within an Online Multi Player


One very interesting thing about Titanfall is that the idea of the game was to mix a single player campaign storyline inside a full on online multi player shooter. Let me just make one thing very clear Titanfall is all online so make sure you have that in mind before you pick it up. The story is interesting enough where it is set in the future and we have two warring sides the IMC and the Militia. Playing as either side lets you experience the story from their point of view. Granted the story is not as story driven like a first person shooter like Bioshock Infinite for example, but it was a great idea. Still though it would have been great to have the story fleshed out a little bit more.

titanfall throw human*3

Titanfall Will Blow Your Mind


The first time you play a full on battle in Titanfall will really blow your mind. We all know there is no shortage of first person shooters these days (some would say to many) but Titanfall more than holds its own with just how much fun it is. At first you and everyone else play the role of these soldiers who are called Pilots. Now these Pilots are just freaking awesome to play as. You will be running around the map like you are a ninja. Running off walls and doing crazy jumps over the heads of your enemies is just so much fun and its even cooler when you have your finger on the trigger. The whole map really is your play ground and figuring out how to make the best use of it is part of the fun.

titanfall drop kill*4

You Will Feel Like a Powerful Bad Ass


Each Pilot has their own timer and the point of this is when it gets to its limit a huge Titan will fall from the sky. Playing inside this huge Titan is very different from playing as the Pilot. You really do feel like a powerful bad ass when you are in your Titan. You get a real sense of power and that first time you jump into one is a moment you will never forget. Quite surprisingly despite the Titan’s extreme power they are also pretty agile as well.

titanfall gameplay*5
Now you may think that the best strategy to have is just to hide until your Titan is ready to be dropped in, but that is a huge mistake. You see each kill you make will speed up your timer so it makes you want to really get into the heart of the battle. Titanfall is very well balanced in that Pilots still have the abilities to take down a Titan. Now it’s not easy and you can do it all on your own if you know what you are doing, but if you and a couple of members of your team can get organized you can actually take one of them down which is really cool.

Matchmaking a Restriction


The only downside to Titanfall and the one thing that makes the game a 8/10 rather than a 9/10 is the very odd and restrictive way that it handles its matchmaking. The choices are just so limited that you would think that this is a game from say 2004 for example. If you are coming from a game like Call Of Duty or Halo you will be very shocked at the lack of choice available to you after each battle.

titanfall bloody squash*6
At the end of the day while the matchmaking is far from perfect it is not game breaking or anything. Titanfall is still a great first person shooter and so far it’s the best one that you can buy on the Xbox One. Hopefully the matchmaking will be made better with an update. Still, if you have an Xbox One Titanfall is an essential purchase.

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