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Roadkill Hunters of The Maritimes


Watch Roadkill Hunters of The Maritimes
“A man, his wife and nephew drive around searching the backroads and highways of rural New Brunswick, Canada to find various types of wild animals killed by automobile traffic.”

Roadkill Hunters - Oliver

Roadkill Hunters - Fatima

Watch Roadkill Hunters Now!

Click below to watch episode one of “Roadkill Hunters of The Maritimes.”

NOW AVAILABLE: Watch Roadkill Hunters 2!

Watch Roadkill Hunters 2

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The Burnt Down House Part 3

Daman Beatty
The creator of, Daman Beatty (AKA 'Beatler') is originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. A longtime media producer, visual designer, marketing and communications specialist, Daman loves travel, technology and being a Daddy.
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