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Samsung Brings a New Computing Experience to Canada with Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Flex, and Galaxy Book Ion


Powered by Intel, the Galaxy Book Series brings next generation users maximum productivity, enhanced connectivity, ultimate mobility and seamless device continuity

Samsung Electronics Canada announced today three premium mobile laptops, powered by Intel: the new Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion. These premium mobile laptops, designed to offer a seamless and connected experience across multiple devices, form part of the Galaxy Book Series and mark the return to mobile computing for Samsung in Canada.

“We are excited to elevate the mobile computing experience for Canadians with three powerful and innovative devices,” said Jennifer Safruk, VP, Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics Canada. “Combining performance with portability, users no longer need to choose between productivity and mobility.”

Galaxy Book S: An always-on, always-connected and always capable PC

Dynamic Performance

To improve performance and efficiency, Galaxy Book S features an impressively designed internal component setup powered by its next-generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Hybrid Technology – the first ever device to offer this chipset. Galaxy Book S is more efficient, consuming less energy and providing a better performance over longer periods of time.

This one-of-a-kind processor intelligently balances high-performing processes during use and conserves battery when not in use, powering your creative, commerce and business programs. With this powerful chipset, Galaxy Book S features a battery than can last up to 17 hours and offers up to 512GB of storage, so you don’t have to waste time worrying about losing power or running out of space.

Always Ready Connectivity

With the Galaxy Book Series, you can enjoy nonstop connectivity wherever you need it. Galaxy Book S features Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of Wi-Fi that empowers efficient, fast internet without competing for a network connection with other devices. When you need to access your laptop immediately, the instant touch-to-wake capability on the Galaxy Book S ensures you can reach important files, share videos and respond to texts within seconds.

Design That Works

The Galaxy Book S is designed for taking it with you and carrying it around all day. Lightweight at just 950 g and only 11.8 mm at its thickest point, the ultra-slim profile means you can slip the Galaxy Book S into a small bag, portfolio or just carry under your arm with ease.

A fan-less design allows the Galaxy Book S to be slimmer than traditional laptops and helps it to run noiselessly, even during sustained and intense periods of work. Galaxy Book S features a light clamshell design built with a durable metal body, so you can have the stability you need on a desk or in your lap.

If you’re looking to get some fresh air while scrolling, Outdoor Mode on Galaxy Books S will instantly boost brightness to 600 nits using a two-key shortcut. With a bright screen that also supports touch interactions, you will feel more connected to your device and be able to take advantage of a more seamless and productive working style.

Uninterrupted Device-to-Device Continuity

The Galaxy Book Series unifies the computing experience with seamless connectivity between multiple devices. Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft, you can enjoy your favourite Android operating system on your Windows PC for a seamless and continuous device-to-device experience. With Microsoft’s Link to Windows, you can sync your mobile device to receive notifications, messages, cross-device copy & paste and photo transfer, all on your Galaxy Book.

New Laptops with New Innovations – Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion

Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion feature the world’s first QLED display on a laptop, offering a vivid, true-to-life viewing experience. Outdoor Mode, enabled by a maximum 600-nit display capability, ensures every detail is clear, even under bright sunlight. Both devices make it easy to go cordless thanks to long-lasting batteries and power-conserving displays.

Samsung’s leading Wireless PowerShare feature can also wirelessly charge any of your Qi-compatible devices right on the trackpad. Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion both exemplify Samsung’s design legacy for an ultra-thin and lightweight device that easily slips into bags and backpacks without the added bulk. Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion also boast 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for intelligent performance and stunning entertainment, and Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt™ 3, leading wireless and wired standards for fast, flexible and easy connectivity.

Galaxy Book Flex: A Powerful, Portable, Premium 2-in-1

Galaxy Book Flex is designed for people who need the latest and greatest technology to help them achieve more. Galaxy Book Flex can handle every demanding task thrown at it, from perfecting the latest line of code to sketching the latest artistic creation.

Galaxy Book Flex’s 360-degree hinge lets the user experience the device both as a tablet and as a PC. Designed for the road, Galaxy Book Flex sports an aluminum body for added protection with a “Royal Blue” finish that will turn heads. With the enhanced S Pen’s new gesture controls, you can quickly switch slides in PowerPoint during a presentation, or rewind a video you’re showing to friends using just your hand.

Optimized S Pen apps provide a powerful writing and drawing experience across the device. Access to the expansive PENUP community is also available for the first time ever on a laptop, allowing users to easily create and share their favourite sketches. And built-in biometric credentialing, powered by Windows Hello, provides peace of mind even in the most unfamiliar places.

Galaxy Book Ion: An Advanced, Agile, Ultra-Lightweight PC

Galaxy Book Ion was built for the on-the-go professional who isn’t bound to a desk. Made with ultralight magnesium, its clamshell frame and ultrathin design were engineered specifically with portability in mind, measuring just 12.9/14.9 mm thick and weighing less than a kilogram.

Galaxy Book Ion’s 15.6-inch version comes with an additional SSD and DDDR4 RAM slot, boosting PC performance without adding any bulk. Featuring a luxurious “Aura Silver” colour, Galaxy Book Ion offers a spectrum of hues at every angle, giving it a premium look to complement its portable design.


Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex are available for pre-order at starting May 29th, 2020. Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book Flex will be available for purchase online and at major retailers across Canada starting Friday, June 5th. Both Galaxy Book Flex (Royal Blue) and Galaxy Book Ion (Aura Silver) will be available in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch.

Pricing for Galaxy Book Ion starts at $1,699.99 for the 13.3-inch 8GB/256GB model. Galaxy Book Flex pricing starts at $2,199.99 for the 13.3-inch 8GB/512GB model.

Galaxy Book S will available for purchase in Canada at a later date and will be offered in a 13.3-inch size in Mercury Gray starting at $1,299.99.

Costco Canada will also be carrying three exclusive offerings for the Galaxy Book Series:

Galaxy Book S:3-inch 8GB/512GB (Earthy Gold), available for $1,359.99;

Galaxy Book Ion:3-inch 8GB/512GB ($1,859.99) and 15.6-inch 16GB/512GB ($1,959.99), both in Aura Silver

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