The World of Daman Beatty

The 3 Types of Fun


Type One

Type one fun is the most relatable, as well as the most common. It includes mountain bike shuttles and whistler days; it’s followed by laughs and smiles. It’s a good bike ride like, Is It Early or Just Really Late or a quick ski tour like, Spring is for Ski Tours. Although some might define those trips as being difficult, for the people who frequently get out there it’s nothing more involved then buying a ticket to a carnival and having a great time.

It can be identified when fun is instantly had with little amounts of effort. At the end, beer tastes like beer and food tastes like food.


Type Two

The second type of fun generally doesn’t involved shuttles or chairlifts. Any up-hill is earned through the burning of calories, hiking, biking or skiing your way up each metre of elevation. The reward is pure fun but getting there requires a little pain. Colloquial phrases such as “no pain, no gain” are often uttered. The entire industry of organized racing comes from those who take pleasure in type two fun. Some other great examples would be: BC Parks! Tear Down This Wall and Bushy Kickturns, Coreshots and Broken Promises.


It can be identified by a fun day that may include some sore muscles. Afterwards beer is delicious and food is amazing, both of which are well earned!

Type Three

The final type of fun is not for everyone; in fact I don’t recommend it. It comes out of trips that are exhausting both physically and mentally. They often include at least one night of being cold and wet. Dinner is instant soup or a bowl of rice. In the moment, it’s a horrible experience. The minimal portions that were in fact fun are so completely overshadowed by every other second that it takes two months to forget about the miserable parts and only remember the good parts. This is a theme that runs strong in my I’m Only Happy When I’m Miserable story.

During Type 3 fun photographs in which you try to smile result in a grimace or empty stare into the camera (examples below). Afterwards, a piss-warm can of shitty beer is suddenly the best beer of your life and that first hot meal is so unexplainably good you can’t imagine ever eating a better meal again. It’s for these reasons alone that I seek Type 3 fun at least once a year. But I must stress, it’s not for everyone.