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The Rumours are true: The ultimate classic AriZona is back – now with a kick!


Someone spilled the tea! AriZona, the #1 iced tea brand in North America is all grown up: introducing the NEW AriZona Hard Green Tea – the same great flavours of the beloved classic but with a kick – 5% alcohol. This is the perfect drink for your virtual happy hours at home!

Millennials everywhere will likely have fond memories sipping on cans of AriZona Green Tea at lunch or in between classes in their early days. AriZona was a part of some of your best years growing up, now the NEW AriZona Hard Green Tea is here for the best years since you’ve grown up.

This vodka-based beverage is a new take on an old classic, giving you the same great taste you remember, with a new twist. The cans are already available in select liquor stores across English Canada. So there you have it, the rumours are true. AriZona really did release a Hard Green Tea. Now that’s some tea worth spilling!


  • A classic beverage – now with a kick!
  • 5% ABV made with Vodka


  • 100% Real Brewed Green Tea, Ginseng
  • Extract & a touch of premium Orange
  • Honey.


  • BC Liquor Store + Independents
  • Two formats: 473ml single can or 6x355ml hi-cone

SRP: $3.49