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We Love Your Boobies, So #CHECKYOURSELFIE


Breast Exam App Raising Cancer Awareness

The Keep A Breast Check Yourself! App created by Vancouver based Keep A Breast Canada (the ladies behind the popular “I Love Boobies” program) is used to get young women under 40 engaged in breast health. Although most Canadian women don’t start having regular mammogram appointments until they are 40, according to the Canadian Cancer Society 4,408 women under 40 are diagnosed each year in Canada.

Keep A Breast Canada has created this smartphone app to help educate young women about breast cancer and get them accustomed to doing monthly self checks.

This is the first time this breast cancer awareness campaign that aims to speak to young women under 40 is operating in Canada – the highly successful international campaign has been running in the US for years but is taking off here now too! This year Keep A Breast has launched the smart phone app to help keep up the education and awareness all year long.

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How To Participate:

Download the app Keep A Breast Check Yourself! and use it to post a #CHECKYOURSELFIE photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This is a clothed photo of yourself, placing three fingers to your breast, symbolizing your monthly commitment to do a self-breast exam

Photo-pledges accompanied by the caption #CHECKYOURSELFIE will be posted on social media and feed into KABC’s educational website, CHECKYOURSELFIE.CA.

The app (available in English, Spanish, French & Japanese) is available as a free download on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

This app helps you establish your own routine and approach to the breast self-check. It teaches you the best ways to check your boobies and schedules an automatic monthly reminder at the same time.



In Canada, 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Of those women, 19% will be under 50 years of age, according to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

For young people age 39 and under, breast cancer screening, education and prevention methods are not discussed, not commonly recommended, and still not spoken about by most breast cancer non-profits.

In Canada, 4,408 women under 40 are diagnosed each year (Canadian Cancer Society).

Earlier detection of breast cancer provides more treatment options for women. The 5-year survival rate is 88%, according to the Canadian Cancer Society.

With 40% of diagnosed breast cancers being self-detected (according to the John Hopkins Medical Center), establishing what is “normal” for you is an important step to knowing your body. Knowledge is Power.