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What Cisco CCNP Enterprise Concentration Exam Is Ideal for You?


Today, technological advancements are occurring rapidly. The businesses strive to connect people, devices, applications, as well as machines. Thus, with the advantage of automation, their networking infrastructure can be expanded and get secured in this ever-changing landscape of enterprise network technologies. Therefore, there are different opportunities available for those candidates who want to be a part of it.

However, if you want that the employers recognize you by your skills and speed up your career growth, there is nothing better than opting for the Exam-Labs Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. There are two exams that you have to pass in order to get the badge. One is a core test, and the other is a concentration exam that you can choose by yourself.

There is only one core test and it is advisable to start your journey with it. As for the concentration exams, there are six of them in total and each represents a specific domain that requires your full attention. Any test, including the core one, grants you an individual certificate, so this is a very great opportunity for the specialists to get verified and evaluated by their accomplishments.

That is why, in this article, we will provide you with the detailed overview of each of the concentration exams so that you will be able to independently decide which area you want to devote your time to. But first of all, let’s start with the general information regarding the CCNP Enterprise credential.

Prerequisites and other features

There are no prerequisites for the Download Cisco 300-420 ENSLD Enterprise certification, but the following criteria are recommended to be fulfilled:

  • Mandatory requirement – You must have sufficient knowledge regarding the topics of your exam.
  • Optional requirement – You may have around 3-5 years of experience.

Your knowledge regarding the enterprise infrastructure, which includes dual-stack architecture, protection, visualization, network assurance, automation, and support, is evaluated in the core exam (350-401 ENCOR). By clearing it, the applicants also can be eligible for both badges of the CCIE Enterprise certification track. That is why it is important to gain this expertise, especially if you are planning to go further and become an expert in the sector.

As for the concentration exams, let’s look at the following list:

  • Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI);
  • Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD);
  • Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-430 ENWLSI);
  • Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 ENSDWI);
  • Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-425 ENWLSD);
  • Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (300-435 ENAUTO).
Six concentration exams in detail

Knowing all the details of any IT credential before going for it is a simple fact that prepares you for anything you can expect during your certification process or when taking the required tests. Therefore, Here let’s look at the important information below.

1. Cisco 300-410

By taking this exam, the candidate’s knowledge related to advanced networking is validated. This test has to be completed within 90 minutes, and it covers the following topics:

  • Infrastructure Services;
  • Layer 3 Technologies;
  • Infrastructure Security.

2. Cisco 300-415

This exam focuses on the evaluation of one’s skills regarding the Cisco SD-WAN solution. It is available in the English and Japanese languages, like most of the Cisco tests now. It comes with the following six domains:

  • Management and Operations;
  • Architecture;
  • Router Deployment;
  • Security & Quality of Service;
  • Policies;
  • Deployment of Controller.
  • Download 200-301

3. Cisco 300-420

This concentration exam evaluates your skills connected with enterprise design. It also has to be taken within a period of one hour and thirty minutes. The objectives of this test are as follows:

  • Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks;
  • Advanced Addressing & Routing Solutions;
  • Automation;
  • WAN for Enterprise Networks;
  • Network Services.

4. Cisco 300-425

This certification exam ensures that the applicants have sufficient knowledge of network design. The time provided to the students is also 90 minutes. The subjects included in this test are as follows:

  • WLAN High Availability;
  • Wired & Wireless Infrastructure;
  • Mobility;
  • Wireless Site Survey.

5. Cisco 300-430

Before sitting for this exam, the learners must have the relevant skills regarding the subjects of wireless networks. Just like all the other concentration tests, it will have about 60 questions that you need to complete. This exam covers the following sections:

  • Multicast;
  • Security for Wireless Client Connectivity;
  • Monitoring;
  • Device Hardening;
  • Location Services;
  • Advanced Location Services;
  • FlexConnect;
  • QoS on a Wireless Network.
  • Download Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR

6. Cisco 300-435

This exam evaluates your knowledge of enterprise automated solutions. It comes with the following topic areas:

  • Automate APIs & Protocols;
  • Network Programmability Foundation;
  • Cisco Meraki;
  • Network Device Programmability;
  • Cisco SD-WAN;
  • Cisco DNA Center.

As we said earlier, you can choose any exam you want from these six options listed above.

Preparation options and key benefits

If you want to clear all the prerequisite exams on the first try, you have to study hard. To make your preparation process easier, you need to focus on the following steps:

  • Come up with a complete study strategy and follow your learning style;
  • Make use of guide books;
  • Focus on the exam objectives;
  • Watch video lectures;
  • Join online forums;
  • Take practice tests.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get after passing the exams and obtaining the CCNP Enterprise certification. Thus, by choosing a concentration topic of the choice, the candidates can easily customize their list of credentials in their CV. They will also stay relevant with ever-changing technology. Moreover, they will get the authority to add this professional-level badge to all the social media networks.


With the new Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification track, it’s now possible to become visible to any employer. So, don’t wait any longer, pursue your career path and become a certified specialist. Good luck!