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What would Disney+ look like as a VHS collection?


Remember when VHS tapes the ruled the days of yesteryear? With those memories far behind us in the rearview mirror, it’s wild to think about how younger generations don’t even have memories of owning extensive tape collections.

Now the age of streaming provides a level of ease and convenience that not even Blu-Ray technology can give us. But to what extent? Have you ever imagined what your favorite streaming service would look like as an antiquated VHS collection?

If you’re curious, not to worry — we’ve done the work for you. With Disney+ so quickly becoming another household commonality, we decided to dive into the “vault” to see what’s up. After crunching some numbers, our findings were astounding (rather, astoundingly heavy).

What would Disney+ look like as a VHS collection? Check it out here:

Interesting findings:

  • If a classic VHS tape weighs 7.5 ounces and holds 120 minutes of footage.
  • and if an average Disney film is 94 minutes long and a television show produced for a 30-minute time slot is about 21 minutes long.
  • Disney+ as a VHS collection would be equivalent to 1,704 tapes, weighing in at 799 pounds.
  • For perspective, ~800 pounds is the weight of Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa combined. Those are some weighty animals!
  • Disney+ has so much content, you could fly around the world 66 times without watching the same thing twice.

To determine how many VHS tapes would be necessary to house the entire Disney+ catalog, we used the numbers announced for Disney+’s content upon launch, multiplied by the average lengths of television shows and Disney films, and divided by the length of an average two-hour VHS tape in order to generate a final number.