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Camera Security Systems For Surrey’s Public Safety

When it comes to protecting our home or business, most of us would agree that more eyes are better than none. Security cameras are proven deterrents of theft – much of the time. However, incidents of crime still occur even in the safest neighbourhoods, in which case having video footage available to the police increases the effectiveness of the investigation.

The City of Surrey goes one step further for our communities through its public safety initiatives. Project IRIS (Integrated Resources for Investigations and Safety) is a camera registry that is essentially a partnership amongst business owners, residents, the City of Surrey and the Surrey RCMP. In the past, when a crime occurred, the police would have to go door-to-door to find security closed-circuit television cameras in the vicinity of the crime scene. With the registry in place, they can easily locate such cameras.

If you register with Project IRIS, and a crime occurs in the vicinity, you would be contacted by the investigators for permission to view your footage. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner (or you have registered multiple cameras with this initiative), you get to decide if the police can access your footage. The registry simply makes the locating of security cameras that much more efficient.

More information for business owners can be found here.

More information for residents can be found here.

Fleetwood BIA Camera Security System Grant (FCSS) Policy

Are you a business owner concerned about:

  • After-hours loitering?
  • Suspected drug-dealing in a parking lot or behind a building?
  • On-going property crime and vandalism?
  • Threats to public safety?

If your place of business is in the Fleetwood area, you may be eligible, via the Fleetwood Camera Security System Grant, for partial financial reimbursement of either the addition of outward facing cameras or any related upgrades to an existing camera system. In addition to cameras, if it is felt that improved lighting and signage would positively impact the safety of your business, financial support would also be considered for those.

The details of the simple application process can be found here. One of the criteria for the application is that you contribute to making your community safer by registering with Project IRIS.

The City of Surrey’s public safety initiatives benefit all of us. To stay updated on Public Safety News, you can subscribe at the bottom of the Project IRIS page.







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