eGaming Canada – Your guide to becoming a better player

With the continuing rise of technology, eGaming is growing in popularity. No longer confined to teenagers hooked on the latest video game, eGaming is now big business; in fact, it’s been estimated that the eSports industry alone is worth as much as US$1.5 billion! So it’s unsurprising that Canadian players are looking to get in on the action, for both eSports and slots. We can help you figure out where to begin, for example at a no deposit bonus casino, where you can try your luck without risking your money.

  • No deposit bonus casino offers you a free bonus to win
  • Read online reviews before choosing your casino and slots
  • Play responsibly
  • It is always important to read the various game rules before playing

The concept of free spins

At most casinos, the largest selection of games is that of slot machines. Usually, when you play a slot, you pay every time you spin the reels. Free spins are exactly what they sound like: an opportunity for you to spin for free. This feature allows you to spin without using your own money. Free spins come as bonus features in particular slots, or some casinos may give you free spins as a promotional bonus, which we’ll discuss below. You’ll find a list of all slots with this feature on Freespinx.

Those who prefer social and competitive gaming may wish to take a look at Canadian eGaming operator Canada eSports League. Targeted toward Canada’s seven-million strong amateur gaming community, the League is Ontario-based and trains amateur gamers, later connecting them to professional gamers. And that’s not all – this exciting portal also helps various organizations to extend their marketing activities to all those people interested in eGaming. By developing amateurs into pros, the Ontario eSports League is considered by many as a thought leader.

Some more information about no deposit spins bonuses

Like many other marketing organizations, casinos use sales and marketing tactics to attract and retain players. Players, on the other hand, see these tactics as ladders to winning big in their games. One such tactic is the no deposit free spins bonus. Most casinos offer anywhere between 50 and 300 free spins to new players. Some even offer more. It’s up to you whether you take or reject this offer. If after taking up a no deposit spin bonus you think it is not working out, you can even opt-out.

Some casinos offer free spins right at the start, i.e. at the time of your registration. A few other casinos watch your gambling activity, and, after a certain number of wagering requirements have been met, offer you this feature. Please note that in most cases, free spins come with certain conditions that you may have to fulfill. For example, your casino might require you to wager 10x or 50x your winnings to get this feature. Some free spins bonuses are tied to only specific games and not all.


Becoming a successful gamer is mostly down to luck, but as mentioned, there are things to help you on your way. You can earn really big by hunting for attractive features like the no deposit bonus or free spins. This way, you don’t erode your bankroll at all. The second way by which you can benefit is by enrolling in amateur esports platforms like the one we discussed above. This is a different type of gaming, but these platforms help amateurs hone their skills and become professionals later on.






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