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How to be Positive the Right Way

27aug7:00 pm8:00 pmHow to be Positive the Right Way7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Do you struggle with being a positive person?

Do you want to be better at being positive but don't know how?

Do you feel you're not meeting you're goals, happiness, and success because of your lack of positivity?

Do you struggle to look at future and past situations with a positive perspective?

Then you need to attend my free 1-hour class "How to be Positive the Right Way". I will teach you how to truly be positive! It is easier than you think! 

What you will gain:

So what does it take to be a positive person and why are people so positive? One of the main reasons is because they interpret a difficult situation in a different way. Instead of focusing on the bad, they focus on the good and/or how they can learn and grow from the situation.

However, one of the biggest mistakes is thinking that being positive means just being happy and ignoring the reality of the situation or failing to address it. That is not being positive!

Positivity the right way has a cost. You have to address tough issues and situations, but the cost is worth it. You get to achieve more success, happiness, growth, and learning.

Attend this free workshop as I will explore all this in more detail.


This class will involve learning and then applying that learning to real-life scenarios. You will be grouped with other individuals to discuss how to approach the scenario. After that, we will discuss as a group how the scenario should be addressed.


  1. What Does Positivity Mean to You
  2. What are Positive People Like?
  3. What Being Positive DOES not Look Like
  4. Benefits of Being Positive the Right Way
  5. What Being Positive Looks Like
  6. Practicing Fake Positivity
  7. Group Discussion One
  8. Practicing Real Positivity
  9. Positivity and Control
  10. Group Discussion Two
  11. How to Create a Positivity Plan



(Tuesday) 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Fleetwood Library Meeting Room

15996 84 Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 0W1, Canada

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