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Join Sunny’s Success table to master emotions, pain and motivation

14mar1:30 pm3:00 pmJoin Sunny’s Success table to master emotions, pain and motivation1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Need a comfortable and understanding environment to learn about: Feeling hurt and understanding why? Anger and understanding the root cause? Emotions and dealing with them properly? How stress is impacting your motivation and energy? The lack of fulfillment & Purpose in your life? Then you need to attend this free group session! * Limited Seating* This session will be focused on talking about things we are told are seen as weak if talked about or expressed. This session will not focus on the surface of what is going on or how you feel but will dig into the root cause and why you feel the way you do. Once this is established, only then can you effectively address the issues and then you’ll find inner peace, more growth, happiness, and fulfillment. The layout: We will sit in a circle like structure. I will start the session with my personal experiences with emotions, anger, pain and lack of fulfillment. I will talk about how I came to appreciate the importance of expressing my emotions, pain, anger and how it transformed my life. From there, I will answer common questions I have been asked previously regarding this topic. If you feel comfortable, you can also ask me questions regarding your personal experiences. I will share how I discovered how to deal with all this effectively. I will also share why It’s important to wear your emotions on your sleeve and have the willingness to tell people if they angered or hurt you even if it makes you vulnerable. It's not the traditional way we been taught to deal with pain or anger, but this approach is way better. What Will You Gain from This Session? If you attend, you will be given the tools to deal with all the mentioned aspects. In terms of your personal life, relationships and career. If you follow and use these tools, you will experience more: 1. Peace 2. Happiness 3. Fulfillment 4. Growth 5. And a reduction in stress which in turn will increase your energy. If you want to get out ride of that pain or anger in your life, then don’t miss this session! This is the final time it will be offered for FREE – so take advantage now! Tickets going fast so book now! Check out "Join Sunny’s Success talk to master emotions, pain" on Eventbrite! Date: Sat., Mar. 14, 1:30 p.m. Location: Ocean Park Library Meeting Room



(Saturday) 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Ocean Park Library

Ocean Park Library

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