PEAR Sports fitness app

PEAR Sports fitness app now syncs with Apple Health

Wearable tech is becoming the hottest thing in the fitness industry. Being able to track key health metrics via wrist bands will help millions achieve ultimate health and fitness objectives. PEAR Sports is one of the leaders in real-time audio PEAR Sports fitness appcoaching and the training kit is available for $99 which includes the following:

  • Bluetooth wireless heartrate monitor
  • Pear stride headphones
  • Earlock earpieces
  • Nylon rip stop gear bag

Pear Training Intelligence uses the advanced Bluetooth heart rate monitor to measure your body’s response to a workout and provides real-time audio coaching through the Pear Stride earphones to ensure that you train at the right intensity.

PEAR Sports has recently released version 1.9 of its Mobile Training app.  A free download of the PEAR Training app is available in the Apple iTunes store.

PEAR’s Version 1.9 Mobile Training app includes the integration of Apple Health, as well as the development of smart features to help users discover new workouts based upon their personal fitness goals and interests, effectively introducing them to PEAR’s extensive training library.

PEAR Sports fitness appAccording to executives at PEAR, “we’ve continued to create an extensive and diverse portfolio of first-rate workouts, one of our top priorities has become intelligently guiding users to the right training programs based on their objectives and interests,” notes Christian Schauf, VP of Marketing and Sales.  “With new features in 1.9, we recreate a world-class experience with a personal trainer, ensuring you train smarter and reach your goals as quickly and effectively as possible.”

Also unveiled with Version 1.9 is the ability to sync the PEAR app with the Apple Health platform. This feature affords users the option to now store, track and share all of their health-related data with their healthcare provider as part of the Apple Health ecosystem, making PEAR a multi-faceted and effective tool in providing overall health to its users.

On being incorporated in to Apple Health, Simon Solberger, VP of Design and Branding for PEAR, states, “PEAR has always been focused on improving lives through improved fitness, so being a part of Health is very exciting for us. We believe this will usher in a completely new era of intelligence around fitness and health at a scale previously unrealized.”





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