Fun Things To Do in British Columbia During The Lockdown

British Columbia is a remarkable destination for anyone seeking a memorable experience in Canada. It has tempting distractions for people seeking a pleasant break and many recreational outlets suited to all age groups. Such are spread across the modern city and in the remote islands where you can enjoy the picture-perfect ecosystem.

The onset of Coronavirus has disrupted almost all aspects of social life and adapting to confinement under the regulations of lockdown has most of us right on the edge of boredom. For peace of mind and emotional well being, you have to be vigilant in seeking fun things to keep your body, mind, and spirit invigorated.

In British Columbia, there is always something for anyone, and in the wake of Covid-19, there are still activities that you can indulge in without risking infection. The current crisis has opened people’s eyes to online opportunities, and as many establishments break into e-commerce, people are finding creative ways to keep their loved ones entertained.

Additionally, different online platforms are giving its users a chance to make real money online in British Columbia, which is ideal given the current economic meltdown. We made a simple guide to help you brighten your days in the beautiful city without exposing you or a loved one to the virus.

Breath-taking Virtual Tours in British Columbia

The grandeur of British Columbia attracts visitors from across the world who come to marvel at the natural scenery and have the time of their life in the iconic city. The stunning landscape is still accessible during the pandemic via virtual tours. These are equally exciting, and they let you explore the expansive BC landscape without setting foot outside.

Different virtual tours allow you to explore the natural terrain starting with the forest habitats, lakes, seas, idyllic rivers as well as previously inaccessible mountainous terrains. Locally-based organizations facilitate these tours offering drone coverage and live cams in different art galleries, animal habitats, museums, aquariums, and so much more! Digital technology has proven instrumental for people seeking to fulfill their wanderlust with various virtual adventures during the lockdown.

The advantage of guided virtual tours is that they offer a personalized experience letting you mark all destinations worth visiting once restrictions are lifted. Facilities like the Vancouver Aquarium grant access to live cams for an up-close view of the cuddly penguins waddling playfully, adorable otters, and a variety of other aquatic animals enjoying their habitat.

Take a Bike Ride in the Scenic Trails

British Columbia is too stunning for anyone to avoid the outdoors, even with the raging pandemic. From the long coastline, the mild climate, over 400 provincial parks, and conservancies, enchanted forests, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the expansive Capilano suspension bridge, picturesque gardens, the Othello tunnels, the spotted lake, the playground of the Gods in Burnaby, the Pesuta shipwreck, forest terrains and many other attractions; the list of places to visit is endless.

The updated British Columbia Coronavirus guidelines give the residents clear instructions on how to stay safe outdoors and should apply to all thrill-seekers in the city. If you feel cooped up in the house of late, a bike ride is an excellent escape because it gives you the much needed physical exercise and lets you take in the mesmerizing sights and sounds.

If you do not own a bicycle, do not fret, you can easily rent one in the various bike clubs in the city. From here, it all depends on your preferences. There are many destinations for bike riders including mountain trails, forest trails, parks, and camps. Use a British Columbia bike ride guide for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Go Whale Watching in Vancouver or Plan a Wine Tasting Trip in Okanagan Valley

Whale watching always lifts anyone’s spirits. This is a recommendable family fun activity but ensure you wear protective masks, adhere to social distancing protocols, and pack a sanitizer to keep the nasty germs away.

The trip is a 20-minute ride to Steveston fishing village or the Port Renfrew in the Islands. Alternatively, you can treat your beloved to an eventful day of wine tasting in the charming Okanagan valley. Here you will find multiple wineries with a tranquil environment and amiable staff members to complement your visit.

Learn the winemaking process and finish your day with a romantic dinner in the gardens sipping on a tall glass of white or red as you enjoy the company of a loved one. This is an excellent way to break a lockdown rut.

British Columbia is an exciting province to explore despite the current circumstances. The local government is proactive in curbing the spread to protect all residents from infections. If the set regulations are followed, it is possible for you to enjoy some quality time in this period.






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