Gangrel the Vampire Warrior: All Star Wrestling in Surrey BC

Surrey604 had the pleasure of attending an event put together by All Star Wrestling and we were pleasantly surprised.

All Star Wrestling in Cloverdale, Surrey BC

All Star Wrestling in Cloverdale, Surrey BC - Sukh Basra, Daman Beatty and Kevin Chua of Surrey604 pose with The Great Kasaki
(Sukh Basra, Daman Beatty and Kevin Chua of Surrey604 pose with The Great Kasaki)

To start, the venue was out in Cloverdale. It felt great to get out of the hustle and fast pace of the city. As soon as we stepped in, I felt nostalgic childhood memories coming back. As a kid I remember how amped I would get when watching wrestling on TV. It would be an event, all the children in the family would get together and watch amazed as giant men performed incredible stunts. All those memories put me right back in that zone. The event was small and intimate. To our surprise, it was quite family friendly. You could tell that this was something that the community was proud of. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s their own.

Return of the Vampire! ASW Heavyweight Title Match

Gangrel the Vampire Warrior WWF WWE ASW

Former WWF superstar, Gangrel the Vampire Warrior, was headlining the night and he did not disappoint. The event was action packed right from the get go and until the very last minute, complete with crazy acrobatics and audience involvement. Unexpected plot twists kept the night interesting; don’t blink, you might miss a funny moment!

Surrey604’s All Star Wrestling Action Video Highlights

(The Breakers challenge Azeem and Billy McCoy then Fabulous Fabio vs Gangrel the Vampire Warrior fight for the ASW Heavyweight Title)

All Star Wrestling holds events every month. The next one will be on November 23 at the Ridge Meadows Seniors Centre in honour of Adam Firestorm. This is a great and inexpensive way to get the family together and break away from the regular routine.

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Photos by Rob Kaiser.

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