Handybook lands in Vancouver to provide on demand services for you


handybookCleaning and staying on top of your home can be challenging at the best of times. Now imagine you don’t have time to do these things and you need to hire people you can trust. Handybook solves these problems and provides you with reliable professionals to help you do so.

It allows you to book fully vetted, background-checked professionals at the push of a button – simply select your desired service, confirm the time of service and enter your email address – all in under one minute. Handybook is also available for iOS devices as an app.

We spoke with Oisín Hanrahan, co-founder of the company.

The Handybook Story

“With Handybook we are looking at how to change the way people buy services and connect with different services professionals. We have over 3,000 Services professionals across all of our cities for things such as cleaning, handyman and plumbing in our database.”

The service doesn’t stop there however as the company website lists many other things you can book should you need help. It’s like Uber but without the costs associated with that new service.

Coming to Canada

Vancouver is the second Canadian city to come on board after Toronto. Hanrahan shed some light on why the city was a good choice. “We look at Cities where there is great tech adoption. Through market testing we can decide how Cities respond to booking services online and mobile.”

The service started in New York and Boston and has spread out across 24-25 cities in North America. Handybook has 100 employees in New York and 50 in its other centres. Vancouver has a GM and Operations Associate now. Tech startups often expand at a quick rate these days but Handybook has a different strategy.

“We’re going deeper into cities we are in and hoping to add more users first. We’ll wait 6 months for a place like Vancouver and see what the adoption rates are”





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