How Anyone Can Make Money as an Influencer

Influencers have always held an interesting position in popular culture. The role of influencer lies somewhere between cultural phenomenon and marketing tool. It can be hard to grasp how some people have developed a strong enough social influence that they can make money just by sharing a company’s products.

Some influencers get paid to try incredible food, go on fun vacations and share the things they love with their audience. Sounds like the perfect career if you ask us! Many people consider this to just be something they can’t do. It can feel like these influencers have special abilities that are beyond the average person, but that is just not true.

A gig as an influencer is becoming more and more accessible to anyone. You no longer need to be Kim Kardashian to earn money promoting brands online, all you need is a group of loyal followers that care about the same things you do. With a little knowledge about your audience, a passion for connecting with people, some editing skills and dedication, anyone can make it into the influencer realm. The catch – once you have a decent following – is how to make money from your influence.

One thing that people never talk about is that influencers are rarely doing it alone. Big influencers often hire marketing professionals to manage their social media and connect them with big companies that they can work with. But that’s not the only way. Advances in technology have enabled micro-influencers to make the same kinds of connections without spending a dime.

Vancouver-based has been helping influencers large and small earn money by connecting them with brands that need their help. When influencers sign up for this network they get access to brand campaigns that may otherwise be out of reach. By using a platform like influencers, both new and well-established, can find brand partnerships that work for them. This often leads to long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial for years. also recently launched the Creator Network, an innovative new opportunity which enables influencers to make money from affiliate links so they can be fairly compensated for the profits their influence generates. Now it’s even easier to earn money as an online creator, providing you’re dedicated to creating quality content and supporting your sponsor companies. 

If you’re looking to enter the world of influencer technology, will be your best friend and save you a lot of headache. Before platforms like were established, up and coming influencers would have to manually search for brands that fit their target audience and reach out to each one individually in search of a viable partnership This method can be difficult and was one of the reasons that earning money as an influencer seemed so inaccessible.

If you have a great following online and love to connect with people, it’s 100% possible to turn it into a career. Put your great ideas to work for you through Vancouver’s own 






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