How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer For You

Logan Dube’s Tips To Choosing The Right Personal Trainer For You

  1. Ensure the personal trainer is certified. A personal training certification covers lots of human body science as well as exercise and lifestyle interactions — and good trainers will pursue additional courses and certifications so that they are constantly adding to their knowledge and skill set. Making evidence-based recommendations to help you reach your goals is really important – what’s trending on Instagram is not necessarily effective or even safe! Furthermore, just because an exercise or nutrition strategy worked for, say your friend, doesn’t mean that’s going to be the right strategy for you
  2. They listen to you. Science is great but it’s your life, your goal and your experience. Learning about you, your preferences, your lifestyle and what YOU want to work on is the foundation for building a great trainer/client relationship.
  3. They support you during and beyond your training sessions. At Fitness World, personal trainers assist you with nutrition, cardio, flexibility, resistance training AND education. We call this 5 Pillar Fitness. You can’t outwork a bad diet, your overall health affects your results and in order to help you reach your goals, we want you to have all the support you need!

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