Indian Cultural Festival 2016

Sunday, July 31st, – Bear Creek Park, 13750 – 88 Ave, 11 AM – 9 PM

Join top South Asian performers from around the world at the 21st Annual Mela (Festival) Gadri Babian Da.

Enjoy carnival rides for the kids, food, crafts and other live entertainment. Our annual one day attendance averages between 70,000 & 100,000 festival-goers.

indian-culture-19-638The Mela is dedicated to the men and women of multiple cultures and faith groups who fought for democracy and human rights.

This event reminds Canadians of our commitment to an open society where mutual respect and understanding are honored, differences are respected and traditions are cherished.

The festivities taking place on this day provide our community with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the rich heritage and traditions of Indian culture, contributing to cross cultural understanding and an appreciation of our multicultural population.






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