Interview with Inderveer Sodhi, Director of Monster, a drama based on gang violence in Surrey

VIDEO: Surrey604 video journalist, Desire Amouzou sits down over coffee at Coffee Monster in Guildford, with first time Director, Producer and Actor, Inderveer Sodhi to discuss his debut film ‘MONSTER,’ a coming-of-age drama based on gang violence in Surrey.

MONSTER (2019) is a feature-length narrative that dives into the humanistic side of gang violence, so often it is only showcased from a limited perspective which usually doesn’t encompass the youth who are in close proximity to the issue everyday.

Sodhi’s team was comprised of a little over 30 individuals from the lower-mainland all in their early twenties. Sodhi also composed the music of the film himself. The film was shot in a mere 6 days with its total preparation and post-production time surpassing just over a year and a half. The film tells the story of Harman in three stages of his life, when he’s 10, 18, and 20 years old.

Thematically the narrative focuses on the changing identity and cultures of young men in a diverse city like Surrey. This isn’t a documentary, but a fictional drama based on Inderveer’s research and experiences growing up in Surrey.

MONSTER Full Movie (2019)

‘Monster’ premiered on October 17th at Landmark Cinemas Guildford and is now available on digital. Stream now on Amazon Prime Video in the US and YouTube (above). The runtime of the film is 1hr 20 min.






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