Jazz Cartier shows love for Vancouver

Few performers can make a crowd believe they’re really the artist’s favourite, but at Fortune Sound Club on Saturday night Vancouver got a treat from Toronto’s hottest up and coming rapper.

jazz 1 small
Jazz Cartier’s intro in Vancouver on Dec 5th (Photo-Carson Hoy)

As soon as the opening acts left the stage the crowd was buzzing and chants broke out “Jazz Jazz” “Cuzzi Cuzzi” (After Cartiers alter ego “Jacuzzi Lafleur”)  Last time Lafleur was in Vancouver seven months ago he promised he’d return based on the love he received.  The packed house was fully in tune with his vibe, and as he poked his head out from backstage the crowd erupted as if a superstar was in their presence (A reaction worthy of his potential)  After a brief visual introduction and shoutout from his DJ, Jazz jumped up on the crowd barrier where he would stay for the duration of the night.  First wearing flannel and shades and stripping down to a Tupac Hologram Tee, he was suddenly shirtless, with only his suspenders hanging freely, the ladies strongly approved.

Jazz connecting with his audience (Photo-Hunter Harding)
Jazz Cartier keeps close to the crowd with extreme energy (Photo-Hunter Harding)

Jazz buttoned up his overalls for his final song “New Religion” one of the dopest tracks from his latest album “Marauding in Paradise” which is available for free on his website.  The beat came roaring through the state of the art funktion one soundsystem when he grabbed hold of an overhead sprinkler pipe, his feet supported by his fans.

Jacuzzi Lafleur dangles above the audience at his hyped up return to Vancouver (Photo-Carson Hoy)

Ending up in the middle of the audience (Now dangling upside-down from only his legs) he belted out “Money is my new religion” with hands reaching to the crowd.

We met up with Cuzzi after the show, shook his hand and got to know his down to earth style.  Definitely one to watch, we fully expect to see him at the top of the rap game.  Check out some of his music below, all downloads are free on his soundcloud.

– Carson Hoy & Hunter Harding (Deth Skwad)





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