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Korean designers represent in an international Vancouver Fashion Week SS18



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This season of Vancouver Fashion Week is set to be the most international yet. Vancouver will play host to over 80 designers from 20 countries from the 18th – 26th of September.

Among those to represent their countries are a group of talented designers from Korea. Their work has been seen in shows in Germany, France, China, Japan and now Vancouver Fashion Week have the honour of showcasing their works. Choi Boko, MEZIS and L by L are among those that will be hitting the runway with their lines for SS18.

Choi Boko, a first generation fashion designer from Korea, has created a womenswear brand known for its constructive but comfortable silhouettes combined with artistic prints and patchwork patterns. “This seasons theme is based on the contingency of Simulacrum. I wanted to express the process of constructing ‘another nature’ in the form of a fashion object, rather than a costume that imitates nature” says designer Choi Boko about her SS18 collection. Debuting at this years event is designer Hyunmi Jang with her label MEZIS.

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Reining from the eastern province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Hyunmi has established her brands MENZIS and Free Balance within the industry in shows around the globe including Germany, France and China. VFW will be the first and highly anticipated show for the MENZIS brand for the Canadian market.

Another first timer from Korea at VFW SS18 is Lee Youjung presenting her brand L by L. The featured brand targets women with global senses; it expresses romance and according to the designer is created to “reflect a woman’s sensibility on a modern scale”.

For her SS18 collection Lee has abandoned mass produced ready-to-wear techniques and has instead adopted the European style of small-scale luxury production to better express the romantic and feminine character of her line. Alongside these established designers there will be a host of emerging designers from Korea showcasing their collections at VFW SS18. This seasons event will be the biggest representation from Korea to date with eight designers presenting a range of styles and trends from their home country.

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About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) | VFW is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. For 30 seasons, Vancouver Fashion Week has celebrated multiculturalism and up-and-coming on their runways. We strive to identify undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally reputable platform. Through international media coverage and cogent buyer connectivity, VFW has provided the exposure to project past designers on to the stages of success.

Instagram: @vanfashionweekTwitter: @vanfashionweek | Facebook: Vancouver Fashion Week


Surrey604 is an online magazine and media outlet based in Surrey, BC. Through writing, video, photography, and social media, we secure an intimate reach to the public. We promote local events and causes.

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10 Beauty & Fashion Trends You Need to Copy in 2021



Fashion trends

The beauty and fashion industries have evolved a lot, and people are always up ahead to follow the trends in fashion and beauty. People’s shift in their interest in fashion Trends didn’t come out suddenly. Still, the way beauty and fashion industries are making their efforts by creatively crafting new attributes drives people crazy. Other factors like the internet have also created hype among people to go crazy for beauty and fashion Trends. Every year the fashion and beauty industries come with new trends and looks which people follow and improvise in their own way to look stylish. 

In the year 2020, we have learned many things, including beauty and fashion attributes. With everything shut down in 2020, be it a salon or boutique or anything else, we couldn’t do anything as the social gathering was not permitted. Thus, we find our own ways to deal with such situations and learn about managing beauty and fashion staying at home. The year 2021 will be solid for all of us as we have our hacks plus the resources we already had, and this came out as a brutal combination as we have more resources than earlier. 

1. Catchy Eyeliners

2021 is tied in with discarding the regular tones and adding some liveliness to the eyes. Be somewhat cool to explore different avenues regarding tints of eyeliners and bid farewell to dark and earthy-colored tones. Right now is an ideal opportunity to get energized as the shades can go from red, yellow, blue to green and other brilliant tones. Step up to attempt the shimmery shades and different off-tone colors we were reluctant to try earlier.

2. Skin Care

Natural, clean, and directness of the skin are the thing that we are anticipating in 2021. The previous year ruined all our beauty care schedules, and we were forced to use natural and homemade hacks for skincare. We are now aware of your everyday skincare schedule that incorporates cleansing, toning, moisturizing, body hair removal, facial roller rub, etc. Additionally, stay appropriately hydrated as it makes the skin glow normally. This time, There’s no such hectic requirement for full-face cosmetics since we need to last with masks on the face. Simply center around looks that require fewer artificial products and keep it natural. 

3. When It Comes To Hair, Keep It Natural

The not-so-ideal year of the century has shown us numerous things. The creation of fashionable haircuts stopped with the lockdown opposing us to visit any salons. Instead, we grabbed this opportunity and started taking care of our hair, and trust me, for most people, it helped improve their hair. We cherished and learned that we could look better with normal hair rather than quirky and fancy, and that is the trend that will be followed in 2021. 

4. Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends

Again if you want to go with 2021 in makeup, it is anticipated that natural makeup will be the top priority, as people have been doing it recently. When it comes to beauty and makeup, keeping it realistic will always be a trend. One of the trends which are likely to be followed in makeup is the different colored makeup, and the top colors for the makeup will be pink, blue, red, green, purple, etc. People have spent a lot of time on the internet, which is why they get these ideas. Using such color will be unique and a good trend in 2021 for makeup. 

5. Colour Trends

The clothes’ latest trend is black and white it is a classy and trendy look that both the male and females would like to follow in the year 2021. Also, the bright colors which in earlier days looks odd will now be the trendsetter for clothes. End of the day, you need to choose the outfit that makes you feel comfortable and stunning and your fashion for the day. Currently, denim jackets, multicolor chinos, etc., are trending for men. And for women, they can go with the color yellow as it is trending in 2021.

6. Monochrome Look 

This seems like the most significant style pattern followed by design enthusiasts and brands around the world. The spring style patterns stand up noisy about monochrome design. Monochrome Look is wearing tints of a similar tone from head to toe. Jumpers, dresses, formal wear, capes are all incorporated to get this look. 

7. Oversized Look

The year 2020 was more about work from home and staying indoors, where people started enjoying comfortable clothes. The trend for oversized clothes came up as surprising, but it gained popularity within a matter of time, which is probably the reason it will be trending in 2021. It is not only comfortable but also looks classy.

8. Florals

Floral is the evergreen design and fashion trending yesterday and is trending today and will continue to trend tomorrow. Florals are beautiful, and if you amongst the people who are bored in lockdown wearing boring clothes, you give it a try in 2021. Men would love a floral print shirt with denim, and for women, it would be very odd that she doesn’t like the floral dress. 

9. Footwear Selection

Your footwear depicts your nature. Reasonable footwear with the right outfit makes the outfit look better and wiser. High boots go with dresses and skin-fit base wear. Sports shoes go with road-style garments. Flat shoes go with ethnic wear also it is comfortable while you’re wearing casuals.

10. Classic Wear

It is advisable that you need to have your classic clothes collection irrespective of any trends and season. Anyday, you can look stunning if you have a pair of classics in your wardrobe. A leather jacket, denim, formal wear, etc., can be a part of your wardrobe if you are looking for classics. Denim is the all-time favorite classic look that most people should copy in 2021.


Fashion and beauty are very creative fields, and if you are into it, you can apply your logic and take out your creative side to choose the best and trending wardrobe. The year 2021 will develop a mixture of old and new fusion in the beauty and fashion industries.

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Vancouver Fashion Week FW21 Announces Show Dates




Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Fashion Week has announced its 36th season and second digital showcase taking place April 16th to 18th, 2021 starting at 3:00pm PST on the VFW website, social media platforms. Also, VFW has announced the second digital showcase for Vancouver Kids Fashion Week taking place on April 17th -18th!

Vancouver Fashion Week will be offering the ultimate and most engaging online fashion experience across three days of runway shows, where they will be presenting participating designers’ NEW collections for the FW21 season.

As they continue to celebrate trailblazers and trendsetters in the art and fashion industry from all around the globe, this season will be a dynamic celebration of individualism, perseverance, and ingenuity. Faced with several challenges this past year has thrown into the industry, VFW will come together through this digital showcase and continue this special occasion.

Vancouver Fashion Week - Aziz Dhamani Photo

Vancouver Fashion Week – Aziz Dhamani Photo

This season’s designers come from all corners of the world, such as ALÇA (Japan), BlueTamburin (Korea), Danny Reinke (Germany), Guerline Kamp (Netherlands), ISXNOT (Japan), MTTC (Australia), Tanja Salem (Germany), and from North America in our home city, La Femme Roje (Vancouver), Ay Laylum (Vancouver) VCC (Vancouver), and more to come.

VFW & VKFW has partnered with local and international companies that will launch this season with stay-cation essentials, yummy treats, healthy-looking skin, and more. So, keep a sharp eye out on our Social Media channels to have a chance to enter! Also, VFW will be sharing a highlight reel of the designers, and a sneak peek into this season’s collections.

Stay tuned for an exciting runway schedule with a focus on creativity and diversity to be announced soon.

About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)
Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest-growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. For 36 seasons, VFW has celebrated multiculturalism and up-and-coming designers on their runways. VFW strives to identify undiscovered designers by providing an accessible and internationally reputable platform.

The generosity and commitment of our sponsors, media partners, and supporters are more vital than ever. Please help us by acknowledging their support for Vancouver Fashion Week & Vancouver Kids Fashion Week this April 2021.

For more information, please visit:

Vancouver Fashion Week
Instagram: @vanfashionweek
Facebook: Vancouver Fashion Week
Youtube: Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week
Instagram: @vankidsfashionweek
Facebook: Vancouver Kids Fashion Week

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How to Choose a Watch That Fits Your Wrist (And Your Style!)



Did you realize that on average, men spend $10 more each month on accessories than women? Whether you are trying to breathe life into an old outfit or attempting to make your work uniform more unique, accessories can be extremely helpful. For most men, having a nice watch they can wear on a daily basis is a necessity.

With all of the different timepiece options out there, figuring out how to choose a watch can be difficult. Instead of getting frustrated with this buying process and settling on the first watch you see, take your time and weigh all of your options. Rushing through this important decision can lead to you making a number of mistakes.

Getting a watch that isn’t quite your style or fit will result in you not wearing it. This is why going in and trying on a few different timepieces is a good idea. The following are some of the things you should consider when trying to find a watch that fits your wrist and your sense of style.

How to Ensure a Watch Fits Properly

While there are a number of factors you have to consider before buying a watch, how it fits should be one of your main considerations. Failing to consider watch sizes can lead to issues with discomfort over time. If you are trying to get a watch that fits well, you will need to think about the following factors.

The Watch Case Diameter

Among the most noticeable features of any watch is the size of the dial case. There are a number of watch case diameters on the market, which is why you need to figure out which one fits your wrist the best.

The largest dial diameter you can get is a 46mm. Often times, these large dials are reserved for times when you want to color coordinate with an exceptionally flashy outfit. In most cases, a man will need to choose a case diameter that is approximately 38mm or below.

Measuring Your Wrist is a Good Idea

Before going out to shop for a new watch, you need to get an idea of how big your wrist actually is. For years, people have used the dollar bill trick to figure this out. If you can wrap a U.S. dollar bill around this part of your body, it means you hsix-inchnd a six inch wrist.

If your wrist is around 8 inches, then you will most likely need to get between a 44 and a 46mm case diameter. While this may seem a bit large, it will be proportional to the size of your wrist.

The Width of the Watch Band

Another important factor to consider when trying to purchase a watch that fits will is the width of the band. While having a wider band can add to the appeal a watch has, it can make it nearly unwearable for a person with a smaller wrist.

Choosing a watch with a smaller width band will provide a more comfortable fit for a person with smaller wrists. While you can measure your wrist to get an idea of what band width you need, it is usually best to try them on.

By getting a firsthand experience regarding how a watch actually fits, you can make an educated decision on whether or not it is the right fit for your needs.

How to Choose a Watch With the Right Level of Appeal

The overall appeal a watch has is also an important factor to consider before making a purchase. The watch market is filled with timepieces of all shapes and sizes. By considering the following factors, you can find a watch that fits your sense of personal style

The Color of the Watch Dial

When window shopping for new watches, one of the first things you will notice is the dial on a timepiece. If you want to truly razzle and dazzle with a new watch, choosing one with a unique dial design and color is essential.

If you are having trouble choosing a dial color, think about what type of clothing you wear on a regular basis. Often times, a person will stick to one dominant clothing color scheme which is usually based on how well it blends with the skin.

Do you wear a lot of earth tones? If so, choosing a watch with a red or silver colored dial can complement your wardrobe nicely. Building a watch collection that has timepieces for any occasion should be your main goal

The Watch Band Material

Having a unique and comfortable watch band is also something you should view as a priority. Often times, the type of watch band a person prefers will depend solely on their individual taste.

If you are looking for a classic and understated look, going with a leather band is a great option. Metal watch bands can also be appealing. Typically, a metal band will be a bit more expensive than their leather counterparts. The money invested in these metal bands will be worth it considering how long they last.

The Dial Adornments a Watch Has

Having a hard time choosing between the watch options at your disposal? If so, be sure to take a look at the adornments on the dial of a watch.

Modern watches feature everything from date windows to rotating bezels and everything in between. Taking the time to make a list of the dial features that are important to you can help you narrow down the selection at your disposal.

Finding the Right Watch Supplier

Learning how to choose a watch is much easier with the help of a reputable supplier. Before choosing a supplier, you need to do some research to find out how well they have performed for other watch buyers in the past.

Looking for more advice on how to amass a great watch collection? Be sure to check out our article on vintage watches every collector needs.

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Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need



Long summer afternoons, spent in the dim cool of your grandfather’s study. The scent of his cologne and his cigar competed with the smells of Grandma’s roast or Sunday gravy, floating up from the kitchen above.

You would be tucked into the corner of a cracked leather armchair, paging through an oversize book with rich watercolor illustrations, or maybe just watching the dust motes dance through a shaft of sunlight.

Sometimes Grandpa would let you look through the treasures in his desk drawer: old coins, antique keys, a fountain pen, black-and-white pictures of distant relatives. And, of course, his wristwatch, still ticking as reliably as when he purchased it in Paris during the war. Just glimpsing it again brings up memories, and he begins to tell you the stories…

There is no doubt vintage wristwatches hearken back to an era when people valued quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, your older brother was the one who inherited Grandpa’s watch, but there is a way for you, too, to recapture that nostalgia: browsing a selection of vintage watches.

Three Reasons Why Vintage Watches Are Timeless

In the days when no self-respecting fellow would be seen in public without a hat and a pocket square, a wristwatch was a necessary accessory as well as a stylish one.

Today, we don’t need watches — even if you don’t want to reach into your pocket for your smartphone, it seems digital clocks are everywhere. So why choose vintage watches? Let’s take a look.

They Are Out of the Ordinary

Wearing a wristwatch, particularly one of the many storied vintage watches available, will set you apart from the masses. When everyone else is bent over their devices, drawn into the swirling vortex of social media and constant communication, all you need to do is take one quick glance at your wrist.

They Are the Epitome of Class

James Bond. Cary Grant. Sinatra and Deano. Classic style isn’t as easy to come by these days, now that fashion is disposable and people wear pajamas to the grocery store. Not you, however.

You understand that projecting a sophisticated, masculine image depends on the details: well-polished wingtips, having your shirts starched just so and, of course, the beautiful leather band of your vintage watch peeking out from beneath your cuff.

They Last a Lifetime — Or Two!

If Omega vintage watches could talk, they would certainly tell some compelling tales.

What stories will you contribute to your timepiece’s repertoire? Owning a well-made watch from the mid-20th century positions you within history. Unlike today’s tech gizmos that practically become obsolete the moment you take them out of their packaging, the old-school technology of a finely crafted chronograph is truly timeless.

Imagine handing down a vintage watch to your son, and then one day seeing it grace the wrist of your grandson. No iPhone can compare to that sense of tradition.

Once you fasten the strap of that first watch, you’ll be hooked. Vintage watches are beautiful, collectible, and practical items that you will be proud to own, and to pass on to future generations. Grandpa would approve!

Loved the blog? How about sharing the word to other vintage watch lovers on your favorite social platform?

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How To Succeed In Fashion Blogging



Do you want to become a menswear fashion blogger?

If you keep up with the latest fashion trends and enjoy helping others dress for success, starting a blog may be the best option for you. Once you start a fashion blog, you realize running it is not very easy. Starting a fashion blog requires you to dedicate time to it.

Make sure that it is something that you really love and you’re not just doing it because everyone is doing it. Fashion blogging is fun but there is a lot of work that goes into it. This includes posting, scheduling, writing, and editing, just to mention a few.

Here are a few tips on how to start a fashion blog and succeed at it.

Register a Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is choose your domain name, which is the dot-com that you will be using. If you want to grow your blog into a business and turn it into a place where many people are going to visit, you’re going to need a domain name. They are very cheap because you can get them for as low as ten dollars a year.

You need to choose what you want your blog to be named and it may take you some time to come up with the name. You can use something catchy, your own personal name, or what you’re going to be blogging about, which is men’s fashion.

Once you come up with the name, check to see if it’s available and purchase that domain and get hosting.

Design a Unique Site

The next step is to get your site designed.

Your blogging experience will be so much better if you have a well-designed site because you are going to want to post on it more and it is going to appeal to more people.

Ensure you make your site aesthetically pleasing and in your own style to make your fashion blogging boom.

Choose A Suitable Platform

Choosing your platform would be the first option in your design process. One of the most important things is select the platform that you want to make your blog on. Have a clear set idea of what you want to do.

There are many blogging platforms that you can use like Tumblr, Blogspot, and WordPress. You may start off your fashion blog on Blogspot because it is completely free, is powered by Google, is very reputable, and anyone can use it.

WordPress is a standalone company and is more for the advanced bloggers or somebody who wants to grow their blog larger and have more functionality on their blog.

If you’re starting out, Blogspot may be your best option as it’s generic and simple to use.

Like Tumblr, they have a lot of blog templates you can choose from and customize your blog to make it a lot better and cleaner. This is much cheaper than customizing a WordPress blog.

Later on, you can to transfer your Blogspot account to your WordPress account.

See which blogging platform suits the style of your blog and use it.

Get Started

Many people think they need a high-tech camera, editing software, and all the writing software, but you really don’t. Get yourself an affordable and quality camera for your photography sessions. Many bloggers these days use their iPhones or just point and shoot cameras and their photos are amazing.

With the advanced technology nowadays, you can get great photos from just your phone. You can use your phone’s editing apps to edit the photos for your blog.

All you have to do is put your camera card into your computer, or if you have them on your phone, edit them from there and then email them back to yourself so that you can upload them from your computer.

Stay Authentic

As you learn about how to be a fashion blogger, one important aspect is to remain true to yourself. You may see many fashion bloggers posting about a trend that you particularly don’t like and that’s okay.

Remaining true to yourself is why your followers or viewers are viewing your blog. They want inspiration from you because they like your style, the way you dress, and what you choose. A lot of bloggers fail or go down in viewers or ratings because they just start posting irrelevant things.

If you wouldn’t tell a person about an experience or a certain outfit or anything else you’re posting about, then don’t post it on your blog. To get some clothing items to begin blogging about, you can buy here.


One of the best ways to get your blog out there these days is through social media. Make sure you network your blogs on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Using social media to promote your business is important in this era because it enables you to connect with so many people online. You need to network and share with everybody what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, and any other form of inspiration.

Another form of promotion or clicks over to your blog would be to post on style sites such as Lookbook. Lookbook is a platform online for all different fashion influencers where they can post an outfit and people view them.

As it gets higher on the page list, more people start following and clicking over to your blog if you put a description with your link to your blog. It is a great way to start gaining a viewership and followers.


Being consistent is the key to blogging success. If you’re consistent, people are going to find your blog interesting and the fact that you update regularly is going to mean a lot to them.

If you want to start a blog, then you should make a rough schedule of when or how often you will be posting. You need to set realistic and achievable goals then slowly work up from that. It may be difficult at first but you have to put work in if you enjoy it and you want it to grow.

Still Wondering How To Start A Fashion Blog?

Discussed above are great tips would on how to start a fashion blog.

Define your content, invest in good photography, get connected and be confident in all you do then you will succeed at fashion blogging and make money while at it.

As a blogger, you can provide something that no one else in this world could provide. Embrace your individuality and you will have quality blogs.

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