Live Like a Canadian

Guest Post by Harnoor Gill

Live Like a Canadian Guest Post by Harnoor Gill

Canada Day is a time of celebration for our great country’s birthday when it was born in July 1st 1867. This year of 2014 will mark 147th anniversary of Canada being born into the great nation it’s known as today. Our renowned country now serves over 35 million people, which is a remarkable amount considering the increase in baby boomers in the late 60’s and the recent immigration increase in the early 2000’s. As Canadians it is our duty to make people that are new such as immigrants feel welcomed into this country. So, on this Canada Day I ask everyone to build gratitude on Canada Day.

Canada is a great country with amazing health benefits and safe communities. In some parts of the world, children wake up to empty stomachs and civil wars outside their homes. We live in a country that serves equal rights to each and every individual and no one is segregated for their gender, race or religion. Equality and respect for various cultures is what makes Canada feel like a safe haven.

On Canada Day besides going out and having fun on this day, why not be grateful for where you live as well as the opportunities that are available to you as well. There are many places in the world were children are deprived of such necessities as education, clean water and adequate resources of food. Be resourceful and figure out what it would be like to live on less than a dollar a day. You might have to even decide the items that come off of the dinner table in order to meet your budget. The news is also always showing us the different hardships that people go through like war in Syria and child slavery in parts of Asia.

As a kid, I used to hate school and hate doing homework because I thought it was pointless. However, I heard about how children in certain parts of the world would rather go to school than have to work on low wages in sweatshops for the rest of their lives. It made me realize that I hate a simple thing like homework where another child across the world hates his life because he needs to work for the rest of his life to survive. It’s time that we as Canadians realize the importance our country can play on a world stage. As a developed country, we should go out of our way and continue to support relief projects in third-world countries. Let’s create a change in the way of celebrating this festive day by overcasting fireworks and paying closer attention to how we can assist other countries in resourceful ways.

To live and be like a Canadian is to be outgoing and enthusiastic to everyone around you, which includes being grateful of where you are and the country you live in.

Happy Canada Day!






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