Local Businesses Team Up For The Ultimate Wine Subscription Service

LIQR.ca and Wine Vikings Teams up for the Ultimate Wine Delivery Service:

British Columbians deserve good wine and two local suppliers have partnered up to ensure they receive it. Joseph Richard Group, owner and operator of LIQR.ca, has partnered with Parade Agency, co-founders of Deighton Cup and Hopscotch Festival, to offer the Wine Vikings Wine Club on LIQR.ca.

Wine Vikings is a subscription-based wine club focused on providing high-quality, less common wines.

Parade Agency was in the business of hosting in-person events pre-pandemic. They approached the JRG team to collaborate on a contactless experience that involves wine because cocktails are in their wheelhouse.

Due to the pandemic, liquor delivery services have been popping up across the country. Not only do these delivery services decrease the interactions and touchpoints of customers, but they also support local businesses and suppliers.

Each Wine Viking subscriber will receive six exclusive wines, with each bottle being personally discovered, sipped, and vetted by some of BC’s badass chefs, restaurateurs, and wine directors.

Each Wine Viking delivery will be accompanied by a video that will guide customers through a visual tasting experience to help them understand the wines they enjoy.

Knowing what you are sipping on, where it comes from, and what to pair it with are the key steps in elevating your wine knowledge. Interested buyers can now get the Wine Viking subscription at LIQR.ca.

JRG Subscribers can exclusively receive 25% off of the first quarter subscription when using the Promo Code JRGVIKING at checkout, which is valid until Wednesday, January 27th







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