Lockdown Valentine’s Day Date Ideas and Inspiration

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life, including romance. However, your love life shouldn’t suffer because you cannot go on outdoor dates.

This article mentions lockdown Valentine’s Day date ideas and how to enjoy your lover’s company indoors. From roses and chocolates to dinners and vacations, lovers go out of their way in search of Valentine’s Day date ideas. But unlike before, this year’s celebrations come in the thick of a pandemic, with numerous travel restrictions and restaurants and other entertainment spots closed.

The good news is that you can still create unique Valentine’s Day date ideas at home. Who knows, this year’s Valentine’s Day date ideas could be the best ones yet.

Remember, the best Valentine’s Day date ideas are about bonding with your partner instead of gifts and outings. After finding your date on best dating sites review, here are Valentine’s Day date ideas during the COVID-19.

1- Cooking

Surprise your significant other with breakfast in bed, including heart-shaped foods to communicate your love. Even if you ruin their heart-shaped pancakes, your partner will still appreciate these Valentine’s Day date ideas because you made an effort to cook for them.  You could also slip a love note beneath the breakfast tray.

Another option is cooking together. For instance, you can recreate a dish from your favorite takeout spot. To make the Valentine’s Day ideas more interesting, save the restaurant’s containers and eat out of them.

Alternatively, pick a recipe from a random country and try preparing it. That way, Valentine’s Day date ideas teach you about new cultures and cuisines. You might even add the country to your post-lockdown Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Feel free to set the mood with cool background music and candles. Don’t forget to dress up. Valentine’s Day ideas are a chance to look attractive without leaving the house.

Note that cooking isn’t just about the food. It also fosters collaboration. You can shop for ingredients while your lover prepares the meal and cleans the dishes.

Couple cooking together
Couple cooking together

2- Movie Night

Movies are perfect for couples who want to enjoy each other’s company without talking. They are also cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas, seeing you only need a film and snacks. Not saying Valentine’s Day date ideas should be boring because you’re indoors.

You can take these Valentine’s Day date ideas a notch higher by creating cinema tickets or printing them from an online template. You could also spruce up the viewing experience by swapping your TV for a projector.

Another option is merging these Valentine’s Day date ideas with games. For instance, you can count how many times a red car appears in the film. Again, movies are an excellent virtual Valentine’s Day date.

Thanks to streaming subscription services, you can watch a movie with your partner and see their reactions when miles apart. Movie nights aren’t limited to Valentine’s Day date ideas. You can have them regularly, for example, every second Thursday of the month.

3- Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks use words and photos to communicate particular emotions to your lover. Partners can create separate scrapbooks and exchange them on Valentine’s Day or craft one together.

All you need for these Valentine’s Day date night ideas are photographs, pens, glue, paints, scissors, and glitter. While lined scrapbooks are ideal for notes, blank paper suits photographs, and other craft ideas.

The next step is deciding the scrapbook’s theme. For instance, you can devote your book to vacations. Don’t forget to write down the memories you wish to include lest you forget them.

Additionally, compile relationship memorabilia, from chocolate wrappers to your first movie tickets. The cover is an essential component of these Valentine’s Day date ideas since it’s the face of your scrapbook. You can put your names, photo, and the date you met.

4- Spa Day

With the pandemic forcing people to juggle between remote work, homeschooling, and parenting, spa days are welcome Valentine’s Day date ideas.

The first stage of these romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas is setting the ambiance. Start by clearing clutter from your living room or bedroom. Likewise, buy essential oils and your favorite scented candles. Ensure you dress comfortably; for example, wear slippers and loose-fitting clothes like robes.

This goes hand in hand with cool classical music or soothing nature sounds. While at it, switch off your phones and TV to limit interruptions. Feel free to sip wine or herbal tea on your spa date.

You could have bubble baths and give each other massage. The best part is you can substitute some beauty products with food items. For instance, you can create a face mask with avocado.

Spa procedure
Spa procedure

5- Treasure Hunt

Adventure sets treasure hunts apart from other Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples. However, these Valentine’s Day date ideas demand preparation.

Start by making your treasure hunt clues. You can use sticky notes or write your clues on a pack of cards. The number of clues determines the length of the hunt. However, the goal of Valentine’s Day date ideas is having fun and not completing the challenge quickly.

You can spread these hints in the house and backyard. Don’t forget to include prizes at the end and middle of these Valentine’s Day date ideas to make the search worthwhile. This could be treats like candy, chocolate, wine, even an engagement ring.


Coronavirus may limit this year’s Valentine’s Day date ideas, but this won’t always be the case. With promising vaccine advancements and the world embracing the pandemic, lockdown is an opportunity to plan future dates.

Besides growing shared goals, joint date plans provide relationship fulfillment and adventure opportunities. You can come up with date ideas individually before merging them with your partner.

While at it, do small fun things together in anticipation of big dates. Have you ever had a Valentine’s Day date at home? Share your indoor Valentine’s Day date ideas in the comments section below.

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