LWL… Supporting Women to Discover Their Passion

There’s a new acronym (other than YOLO) circulating with women looking to discover their passion in life and business: LWL!

What does it mean?

We asked CEO and Founder of Ladies Who Lunch, Maria Kritikos.

“We call it the ‘LWL’ network, which stands for ‘Ladies Who Lunch,’ but also stands for ‘Life Without Limits’.

It is for women with a dream, with a goal, and for women who support other women to discover their passion and essentially make a difference in the world”.

Entrepreneurs, journalists, lifestyle coaches, business owners, you name it! The Ladies Who Lunch network has grown and gotten much local and global recognition for being a place for women to empower and inspire one another, all while enjoying lunch and a glass of wine. Maria has made it a trend for these women to get together to help build each other’s dreams through conversation and collaboration.

The network holds live signature events and monthly mixers, which are more casual and interactive. At the live events a topic is chosen, and different women speakers speak to the issue. “Of course we also network, we make connections, we have a lot of fun, and yes we have lunch!” Says Kritikos.

Start living “Life Without Limits” and be “Fearless and Fabulous”. Make sure to check out the events and membership at www.LadiesWhoLunch.ca.

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