Nep Sidhu’s Eclectic New Exhibition on Saturday, April 9

Surrey Art Gallery says, “For many of us, clothes are such an everyday part of life, but for artist Nep Sidhu, they embody histories and values of connectedness, empowerment, and cultural exchange.”

Out of the four exhibitions Surrey Art Gallery has lined up for Spring and Summer of this year, the biggest draw for me is Nep Sidhu’s exhibition, Shadows in the Major Seventh. Here are the deets of his opening reception for those of you who are just as excited as I am!

Location: Surrey Art Gallery

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Information: Celebrate Nep Sidhu’s eclectic new exhibit of textiles and mixed media works along with Paulo Majano’s augmented reality photo project in the TechLab. Join Nep Sidhu for a guided tour of his exhibition at 6:30pm. Reception begins at 7:30pm.


It’s hard to come across an artist that uses mixed media in his/her work, and that is why I would venture to say that Nep Sidhu’s work is in a class by itself! He combines textiles, music, architecture, social justice, and the feminism. His work is inspired by his origins…a welder by trade who comes from a long line of storytellers. Nep uses his art to show how he connects things in the world like people, cultures, and histories

Paradise Sportif Surrey

For example, his non-commercial clothing line Paradise Sportif is informed by modern and ancestral garment design and made with materials and processes like silk, leather, and wool and worn by critically-acclaimed music groups like Shabazz Palaces and the arts collective Black Constellation.


His Confirmation paintings showcases chromed steel and aluminum geometrical pattern work with early Arabic calligraphy…and, my favorite is Malcolm’s Smile that honours African American civil rights activist Malcom X that is accompanied by a 24-minute free jazz suite, producing a sound sculpture of sorts (That’s a new concept to me. See what I mean?).

See his work in person, and join us at the tour!