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Let’s face it – living spaces in Metro Vancouver are getting smaller. Cities are moving towards densification, which means more condos. This is good news for anyone downsizing or new homebuyers looking for more affordable housing.

But with condos less than 500 sq ft at times, you don’t have to give up style. Some simple tips and a bit of purging can help.

Get Rid of “Stuff”

Do you really need everything that you’ve accumulated over the years? Probably not. If you think you can live without it or it doesn’t fit into your smaller space, donate it. Someone else might more use for it. Reducing clutter in the home helps to reduce the stress that goes with it. So, while you’re creating space in your home, you’re also creating a sense of zen.

Pick the Right Pieces

For smaller spaces, you don’t want that big couch and loveseat and armchair which takes up so much space you can’t move. You might want to swap that out for smaller yet comfortable pieces. Pick a sectional that can fit into your living space. Maybe add one armchair for extra seating like this recliner to make it even more comfy.

Instead of the big coffee table, how about a leather ottoman with storage space for the extra blankets or books?

wo3a1_structure_c137455Metallics and Colour

To add a modern touch, add side tables with metallics. And of course, what room is complete without some throw pillows and a nice shaggy rug to add texture. La-Z-Boy of Vancouver has some beautiful rugs (who knew?!). Although not all pieces are online, take a stroll through the store to find the accessories that work for your space.

wo6e_uptown_c132066_114_altAlong with the metallics, adding a pop of colour, whether it’s through the carpet or other accessories really helps to brighten up small spaces. Just because the space is smaller than you’re used to, doesn’t mean it has to be dark and small. Add a colourful lamp to the side table for extra pop.

wo7a_tribeca_-c118834-_033If you’re looking for some local inspiration, check out the La-Z-Boy blog Lifestyle Meets Comfort and read about some tips and tricks that might help you with your interior design vision.

Or for in-person design inspiration, check out the Millionaire Design Home Lottery home now, furnished by La-Z-Boy of Greater Vancouver.

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