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Surrey Fusion Fest: How to Be a Multi-Kulturalist

People don’t usually think about how to become a Multi-Kulturalist because it comes naturally to those who grew up in cities with a diverse ethnic mosaic like Surrey.

So, what exactly does the term Multi-Kulturalist mean?

Becoming a Multi-Kulturalist means being an advocate of multi-kulturalism—someone who can embrace diversity, love their neighbours, and bring people together. Chances are the person on your left or right does not share the same ethnic background as you, and it’s important that we celebrate our different backgrounds and upbringing.

There are various levels to a Multi-Kulturalist and it’s important to understand them if we want our city to continue growing and modernizing. From being embracive to being the instigator of bringing people together, aiming to fall within this spectrum will help the rest of the Lower Mainland see Surrey as the open-minded and forward-thinking city that it is.

Multi-kulturalism—some people love it, some people want to stay as far away from it as possible. The hardest part of transitioning people into Multi-Kulturalists is removing barriers and prejudice. It’s not easy. Sometimes it can be as controversial as bringing up Chris Brown’s name!

I think the City of Surrey does a pretty good job of taking a first jab at this whole Multi-Kulturalism thing though. Afterall, they put on a great show year after year with the annual Fusion Festival.

So, to answer “How to be a Multi-Kulturalist?” 

The first step is to be open-minded and positive.

Go to an event like the Fusion Fest that encourages this mindset by turning Multi-Kulturalism into a celebration. In fact, the Surrey Fusion Fest is known as BC’s largest multicultural celebration. Presented by Coast Capital Savings, it will be free to the public and hosted at Holland Park on July 18 – 19, 2015.

The City of Surrey brings together different cultures at the Fusion Fest by inviting close to 75 entertainers from all over the world to perform, setting up cultural showcases such as 40 cultural pavilions and food sampling events, and allowing its 100,000 visitors to celebrate with others who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

The Fusion Fest was named the “Best Festival” at the annual Special Event Magazine Gala Awards competition on January 10, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. The award recognizes the world’s top special events and the hard work of industry professionals who organize them.

“The Fusion Festival truly showcases and celebrates the cultural diversity of our City,” said City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. “Receiving this international recognition is a great honour and builds on our success of being named the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2008.”

Surrey Fusion Festival will also feature:

  • Parade of Cultures
  • Cultural food sampling booths
  • Kid’s World and Sports Zone featuring interactive activities and crafts
  • YVR interactive exhibit

Let’s be an advocate of Multi-Kulturalism together!

The event opens at 11 am. Visit the Fusion Festival website ( for more information.