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The Co-Working Movement Inspires Inn0vati0n

As the City of Surrey makes its way to the top of the list as one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and gains recognition as a hotbed for startups and businesses, continuous innovation of methods that help sustain a healthy business climate is especially crucial. Most recently, we identified that the introduction of Surrey’s first co-working space, Beta Collective, into the Surrey business landscape is the most innovative movement/method yet. Co-working can help our businesses remain competitive in a cost-effective way.

It’s surprising that the Beta Collective team caused such a buzz in the Surrey community because the idea of co-working spaces was hardly popular ten years ago. Once upon a time, sharing a brilliant business idea is a no-no. What if that person takes your idea and makes that first million before you even have a chance to begin working on it?

Nowadays, people are starting to tackle startups and launching a business a little differently. While fear of ideas being stolen is still hanging in the air, the idea of sharing is seen in a more positive light. Today, sharing is a catalyst for refining ideas with other groups of intelligent people who can contribute to your business in some way. Co-working opens doors for self-employed individuals and small teams by giving them 24/7 access to a professional work environment that invites them to collaborate, learn, and take each other’s businesses to the next level.that is why the coworking space is such a hit.

For those unfamiliar with this innovative strategy, co-working allow entrepreneurs to rent a shared working space that also doubles as a community hub where different groups and non-for-profits alike can come together to hold cool events, build wicked projects, and create meaningful connections. It is far more affordable than renting a traditional office space, where long and inflexible contracts and added costs can become costly every month and stifle growth. For most start-ups, owning a storefront is not doable.

“We have worked hard to foster a healthy business climate in Surrey. As a result, more young entrepreneurs and small businesses are moving to our city. Beta Collective is an innovative and progressive company, and co-working spaces are becoming an integral part of the business community. So, we’re thrilled to welcome them to City Centre,” said Councillor Barinder Rasode, City of Surrey.

If fact, we’ve got a prime example of innovative young minds right here.

“From being the first Surrey business to accept Bitcoin to organizing a youth hack-a-thon event later this year, there’s definitely a real shortage of space in the city that’s suitable for these kinds of social interactions,” says Jason Wong, founder of Beta Collective.

Jason Wong along with business partners Elvin Cheung and Michael Cheng, SFU graduates, are the perpetrators for launching this unique shared office facility concept in the heart of Downtown Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard—a cutting-edge business hub that’s set to forge new ground in the areas of healthcare and technology. While it is already a popular concept in nearby cities like Vancouver, it looks like the Surrey business landscape finally has a co-working space to call their own.

What do you think of the co-working movement?

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