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Summertime Madness: A FVDED Recap

Post by Summan Kandola

Summertime really means festival overload if you have a love for sunshine and live music. The lower mainland blesses us with multiple inner city events, concerts and festivals throughout the summer. Epic events such as Pemberton and Squamish Music Festivals have conquered lower mainland; however, Surrey’s inner city music festival FVDED In The Park at the beginning of July clearly demonstrated that live music and convenience can be done!. City boys and gals no longer have to make a trip out to the outskirts of the major cities. FVDED holds their festivals yearly, just steps outside of Surrey Central Skytrain station making it accessible for all throughout the lower mainland and beyond.

Now let’s get into it. As an outsider looking in. Often, I hear about the negative stigma that  Surrey faces, and it’s easy to be influenced by skewed perceptions from the media. When FVDED was originally announced I was hesitant to spend money on and attend a festival in a city that I knew nothing about. However, the accessibility and billboard artists outweighed my uncertainties and so, I gave it a chance.

The verdict? I was glad that I got to experience FVDED firsthand. To my surprise, the vibe, crowd and music performances as a whole created an ambiance I was happy to be apart of. I had the pleasure to meet several people from all of the tri-cities, Washington and Toronto. Big names made the local event including Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Jack U, Zedd Bryson Tiller and Jazz Cartier. The mix of current urban artists made this event something I just wasn’t willing to miss (I mean who wouldn’t want to see Diplo with no shirt on?)

We can all contest that Surrey is the next big thing, and with FVDED making a big splash for the city, we all know that the city will rise to the occasion. FVDED in the Park is a phenomenal addition to the culture and exploration of all things Surrey has to offer. Locals from every near and far came together to enjoy a universal love for music and added to the community spirit and positive environment that Surrey has to offer. I am definitely excited to see what FVDED in the Park has in store for us  in Summer 2017.

Let us know what you think of inner city festivals vs. destination festivals. Does jumping on a Skytrain and being in paradise in less than 45 minutes sound good to you too? Be sure to follow our social sites to witness events like FVDED all in the comfort of our local city of Surrey.

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