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Healthy Beyoncé Hair is the Bomb

Article by Azi K

When we think of sun damage we automatically think of our skin, however, the sun also has damaging effects on our hair. That’s why healthy hair is the bomb…that shimmery, strong, and healthy celebrity hair.

Plus with all the pool parties and beach bumming, you should be aware that minerals and salts in the pool or the ocean can have damaging effects on our tresses.

So, what’s the secret to getting healthy Beyoncé hair?

Jessica Van Duyk, Manager of the South Surrey’s hair salon and Master Color Designer and the Creative Director for Suki’s, gave SR3Y some tips on Summer hair care.

Duyk says the most important hair care tip during summer would be to protect our hair from the UV and the heat, since the UV index is much greater in summer.

“The sun erodes the outermost layer of the hair and this really starts to do damage to the cuticle layer of the hair and damage really carries on from there. It is physically penetrating the hair and helping to erode the outer most layer of the hair”, says Duyk.

A line she recommended was Soleil line from Kérastase.

One of the lines

Soleil from Kerastase. (Photo Courtesy of: Azadeh Kojouri)

Tips to get Beyoncé beautiful

  1. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo after swimming in the pool or the ocean, in order to get rid of minerals and residues deposited on the hair. The residues can make hair appear dull and brassy which could be more of a concern for blondes even for those with naturally blonde hair.
  2. In the hotter months of the year, use a richer conditioner such as a hair mask to counterbalance the drying effects of the sun. However, she pointed out that people with fine hair should stick to a conditioner instead, as hair masks could weigh down thin hair.
  3. Use a leave-in conditioner with heat protection to prevent the harmful effects of over heating while using hair styling tools which can heat up to 400 degrees.
  4. To prevent harmful damages of the sun she suggested using a hat while outdoors. “This is the best advice I can give, whenever I go out in the summer or on vacation this is what I do,” says Duyk.
Azadeh Kojouri

Azadeh Kojouri

Azadeh Kojouri is an Iranian-born journalist. She previously lived in England and India before moving to Canada in 1997. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor's degree in biology and later moved to Vancouver. Azadeh completed her diploma in Broadcast and Online Journalism from BCIT in 2015 and is currently volunteering with Shaw TV at "Community Connection." She has also started her own makeup and fashion YouTube channel. As a journalist with a multicultural experience, she strongly believes the world is one large community where its progress and well-being depends on exchanging ideas and knowledge.
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