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Get your bake on with some of Surrey’s finest bakeries

I remember as a child waking up on Christmas day, walking down the stairs to the amazing smell of cinnamon buns. That gooey buns became a christmas tradition for me. I still look forward to those homemade cinnabuns every year, it never gets old. Food is such a huge part of the holiday. I’m sure we all have memories of Grandma’s famous cookies, or your uncle’s amazing pumpkin pie. Well everyone, Christmas is finally here, and if you are anything like me, you enjoy eating other people’s christmas baking more than actually making them yourself. So I have compiled a list of the top 5 bakeries in Surrey that will make sure your friends and family enjoy your desserts just as much as you have enjoyed theirs.  

  1. Pikanik: Allergies in the family? Pikanik is the place to order from. They have a range of products that are gluten free and are safe for people who suffer from celiac disease. Their products are also wheat free, peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, soy free and (sometimes) egg free.  The best part? The taste and quality does not change. From cakes, to peppermint cookies, they have an entire section dedicated to the holiday and everyone is able to enjoy them. They also deliver this allergy free goodness right to your home.Pikanik wanted to make sure their delicious products could be for everyone. That is why so many of there products are allergy conscious. They are located right in South Surrey, so make sure to check them out in person, or head to their website to make an online order.
  2. Sugar Patisserie: Looking to spoil your friends with some more delicate desserts? Sugar Patisserie has some of the most amazing macarons in BC. They come in every colour, so make sure to order some red and greens ones for that next holiday get-together and be the talk of the party. Located in the heart of Surrey, this bakery has a passion for excellence. The macaron has become the most coveted cookie in France, particularly in Paris. When it was first introduced in the West, it took awhile for this cookie to get the attention it deserves. But with its sweet texture and amazing taste, the macaron is quickly gaining popularity in the West. You can’t go wrong with bringing these delicacies out to any party.
  3. Happy Cakes Cupcakes: Did someone say cupcakes? Happy Cakes Cupcakes knows how to make delicious cupcakes it’s in their name after all. And with over 15 different flavours to choose from, from chocolate cheesecake, coconut butternut cream to peanut butter supreme, they definitely have something for everyone.  Happy Cakes Cupcakes even has some nut free options for those guests with allergies. Located right off of Fraser Highway, this family-run bakery is guaranteed to bring a smile to all your guests. Run by Shawn and Lisa Low, the Low’s are passionate about providing you with a superior cupcake. Make sure to try the Izzy or Emma cupcake, named after their two daughters.
  4. Michael’s Artisan Bakery: Hosting Christmas and not sure what to serve for breakfast? Well put those worries to rest. Michael’s Artisan Bakery makes a variety of fresh homemade croissants, scones and muffins without having to break a sweat. These delicious pastries are made right before your eyes so you know even grandma will approve!
  5. New Amsterdam Bakery: Okay, so you were invited to Christmas dinner, and you volunteered to bring fresh homemade pies. The only problem, you don’t have the time to make them! Relax, New Amsterdam Bakery specializes in pies. From Apple pie, to Strawberry Rhubarb, this european inspired bakery knows how to make quality products. With no added preservatives and all natural ingredients, your guest will be able to taste the difference. The best part? You will likely get volunteered to bring the pies every year which means you will never have to worry about making the turkey –  not bad right?

I don’t know about you, but all this talk about holiday desserts is getting me hungry. Do you have any other bakeries that I missed? Let us know! We would love to add it to the list.

Surrey604 Staff

Surrey604 Staff

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