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Flamingo Liquor Store Delivers Booze to Your Door and Music to Your Ears

As mentioned in this previous article, the Flamingo Hotel is now under the management of the Penmar Community Arts Society, a non-profit organization looking to bring more music and arts into the Surrey scene. Aside from the hotel building, the dive-bar esque lounge, and the Byrd, a former strip club now transformed into a music and arts venue, the Penmar Community Arts Society is also running the property’s liquor store, which holds the competitive business model of alcohol delivery.

This convenient service is geared towards corporate businesses hosting staff-parties and things of the like. The Flamingo could potentially be open to delivering to private events on a case-by-case basis. Before you youngsters out there get too excited, the Flamingo will not be delivering to residential areas, so no, you can’t get a keg delivered to your house party. Deliveries must be scheduled with the Flamingo in advance and if you place a large enough order, the delivery fee can be waived. Of course, all orders must be placed by someone at least 19 years of age and proper government identification is required upon every transaction.

Convenient delivery isn’t the only plus-side to doing business with the Flamingo. Being the very first liquor store in all of Canada to ever be run by a non-profit, the Penmar Community Arts Society will also be servicing it’s extra income into local music and arts.

“We want to put community concert and arts programming inside different districts like Fleetwood, Ocean Park, Cloverdale, etc. All the different community halls,” explains Penmar Community Arts Society founder David Geertz. “Being a non-profit affords us the opportunity to work with other community groups and get the support of other funding bodies. It allows us to reinvest any profit that we earn into capital campaigns for the arts which is really what we wanna be doing instead of just putting it back into the store.”

Aside from music, Geertz also hopes the Flamingo Liquor Store and venues can offer their hand in supporting British Columbia’s beer industry.“

We are definitely open to any craft beer company in BC that’s looking for space on the store shelves or on the taps in any of our locations. We encourage people in the beer industry, spirits industry, and any local BC based manufacturers to talk to us.”

Geertz has also brought attention to an event called “Beer Wars” which the Flamingo hopes can give smaller beer companies a chance to showcase their crafts.

“Beer Wars is when, for example, some beer companies get together and we give each of them a tap. They invite all their friends and whoever sells the most beer gets to stay on tap for a whole month. It’s a way for craft beer companies who aren’t getting as much exposure as they’d like to have some dedicated shelf time.”

The Flamingo is already working out arrangements with local companies such as Postmark Brewing, Off the Rail, Central City Brewing, White Rock Beach Beer Company, and Spencer Hill Cottage Brewery: a very small pico brewery in Grand Forks, BC.

Alongside their lagers, ales, spirits and elixirs, the Flamingo liquor store will also be selling physical tickets to all shows being put on by the Penmar Community Arts Society. The Flamingo Liquor Store is now open. For more information visit

Johnny Papan
Jonathan Nicholas “Johnny” Papan is a Canadian writer, filmmaker, and musician born in Surrey, British Columbia to a Guyanese mother and half-Hungarian, half-Trinidadian father. Aside from film and music, Johnny also enjoys performing standup comedy. His interest in journalism surfaced after watching documentaries on influential writers Nora Ephron and Hunter S. Thompson. -