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Interview with AKTV

By Bhaveek Makan

I found out about AK back in 2009. We all were doing South Asian comedy around the same time, which then built a large youtube community for a South Asian audience. Everywhere you went during these years, you would hear quotes from AK’s videos. Till this day, people will continue to quote the man. AK, or Amandeep Kang, has left a cultural impact on young South Asians, and continues to do so. So, 9 years later, I decided to speak to the man himself.

You came in during a time where there was a lack of desi oriented comedy on the YouTube platform. Were there any YouTubers that inspired you to start uploading videos?

‘Desi Comedy’ (now known as ‘People of the Community’) began their website before YouTube was even around. They used to upload various audio prank calls and comedy skits that had me cracking up like a madman. And back then, getting even a thousand views was equivalent to a million nowadays. That’s when I realized, creating funny Punjabi content is actually a thing. Little did I know, I would one day work alongside Desi Comedy.

When did you know you wanted to be a full time entertainer?

Unfortunately, a lot of people acknowledge that I’m only a part time entertainer. But as of recent, I’ve been able to balance all my production work that I take on, as well as creating content. Now with my first exclusive show happening in Surrey, and preparation for a world tour, I think the people will be satisfied with more AK.

Alright, now for the real questions. I was myself a YouTuber. Going back and watching some of my older videos, I cringe and regret everything. Are there any videos you have done, where you feel the same way?

I definitely look back at some of my old videos and even contemplate deleting them. It’s mostly cringe for me, with an underlying appreciation of where I started from. I don’t regret it, because I just forget it.

You’re from Brampton, and out here a lot. What can you say about how the city of Surrey has impacted you?

Surrey is essentially Brampton 2.0. The city’s vast Punjabi population has definitely not only helped grow my fan base, it’s made me realize Surrey is the closest representation to Punjab outside of India. With almost 1/2 million people attending the annual Nagar Kirtan, there’s a reason I’ve decided to do my first show here!

Many artists feel constrained to do one thing, especially if they already have an audience doing so. What other artistic expenditures have you always wanted to explore?

I’ve been doing nothing but explore other artistic ventures. I really enjoy being behind the camera, as much as on camera. A lot of creatives and companies trust me in producing visuals for them. Anything from music videos, short films, documentaries, commercials, etc.

I see you run a beats podcast ( ), any dope producers we need to be checking out right now?

Too many to count. That’s why the next beats podcast is dropping soon. I receive emails every other day with insanely dope beats. They really do help me stay inspired and get pumped for new videos. I remember I used to only make a new video after I picked out the intro, outro, or background music.

Any hidden talents?

Ghost-producing music with producers.

What is next for AKTV?

A live comedy tour, as well as making up for 10 years of content.

So, when are you moving to Surrey?

I’m trying to get my girlfriend out of Surrey.

AK’s live show begins : September 30, 2018 | Bell Performing Arts Centre – 6250 144th Street, Surrey | 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Bhaveek Makan

Bhaveek Makan

Bhaveek Makan is a Writer/Director, currently based in Surrey, BC. Bhaveek has lived all over, starting in Durban, South Africa. He moved to Newfoundland, Canada in 2001, where he attended high school. Bhaveek did his post secondary studies in Calgary, Alberta. After graduating in Business Marketing, he is a full time filmmaker and founder of the production company, Rendering Glint Films. His focus is in diverse story-telling, and bringing Canadian stories to life.