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Why is Horror Film “Odd Girl” being shot at L.A. Matheson?

“Odd Girl, a horror short film being shot right here in Surrey! Odd Girl was a film that I heard about during the Storyhive Shorts Competition a few months ago. Sadly, the film didn’t get funded, but that didn’t stop Rami. Rami Kahlon, an actress, writer, and director, has put her all into this project. It is currently being self funded, and crowd funded. I had a chance to talk to her about the film, and this is what she had to say about “Odd Girl.”

Describe your film in a sentence.
“Isolation kills.”

When did this project begin?

“Odd Girl” began over a year ago when I first wrote the script, basing it on my own experiences in high school and my curiosity towards the backstory of individuals that I encountered, yet never fully understood. This story is my supernatural take on what many students from different walks of life feel – from the isolated and lonely individuals to the admired and popular. The script was submitted to the internationally held “Eat Crow Horror Scriptwriting Competition” and was an official selection, eventually placing as a semi-finalist. After generating buzz in the local community, I decided to pursue it and teamed up with Surrey-based filmmaker friends that I met earlier this year.

What does this project mean to you?

This project is an honest portrayal of isolation in high schools, which is a feeling that is experienced at its peak at such a young age. As an actor it is my job to go to dark places and share that with the world, and for me, this film is a physical embodiment of the hurt and loneliness that many of us hide. At the end of the day, the message in this film is that social exclusion can drastically affect a persons’ psyche, and it is up to us to be more socially inclusive to avoid tragedies caused by feeling worthless and lonely.

I see you’re filming at L.A. Matheson, any reason for this specific school?

L.A. Matheson is integral to the film for personal reasons and for the story point. This school helped launch my career with its Video Production and Theatre courses, taught by Mr. De Luca and Ms. Kowalski, respectively. I have a successful career working in film as an actress in such productions as “Supernatural,” “Tom and Grant,” and more because of my training at the high school. I want to come back to show students that a career in the arts and in social justice through artistic measures is possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with “Mustang Justice” at L.A. Matheson Secondary School to inspire others to take action against negative group mentality, especially regarding cliques. With that said, L.A. Matheson is a great school, but like a lot of suburban high schools, the school can also be lonely and isolating, especially when you have difficulty making friends or being social.

What are your movie inspirations for this film?

The major movie and tv inspirations for this film are “Gone Girl,” “Get Out,” and “13 Reasons Why.” “Gone Girl” embodies the emotional turmoil of the lead actress, “Get Out” brings in the underlying question of “something is wrong, but we don’t know what yet,” and “13 Reasons Why” focuses on how psychologically damaging high school can be. We are also inspired by short films that capture a sense of vacancy and emptiness, such as “Vatten.”

Plans on making it a bigger film?

The plan is to make it into a TV series for networks that are looking for material that focuses on younger audiences, thriller, and dramatic issues. As this is a popular genre, we believe that there will be lots of interest and demand for relevant shows such as “Odd Girl.”

Advice to young filmmakers?

Believe in yourself and put yourself out there. Yes, it’s embarrassing. Yes, you might fail. But, in independent filmmaking, nothing will happen if you sit back. You just have to go for it. And, as you start building your team – have gratitude and respect for every single person who is taking time out of their day to help you make this film. (Shout-outs to “Odd Girl” team!!)

How can people support this film?

Right now we are coming to the community to help raise enough funds to ensure we make the best film possible. We are crowdfunding on Indiegogo until November 16th . You can make a donation to the link below and get some fantastic perks such as an original script, a walk-on role, and a producer credit. People can also support our film by following the Facebook page and Instagram page for updates, and by sharing the Indiegogo page!

Pooja Patel

Pooja Patel

Pooja Patel is a second generation Gujarati Canadian. She is currently an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counselling/Human development and Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Studies. She is also an influencer/content creator and has an avid passion for all things film, fashion, feminism & food. Through her platform, “The Pooja Project”, she advocates for social issues and raises conversations on important topics. You can follow her work on IG & Twitter @thepoojaproject or contact her at