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Street Kings Putting Surrey’s Urban Dance Scene on the Map

With 250 students at its current Surrey location, a Vancouver studio opening in January 2019, and plans of growing into Langley in the near future, Street Kings Dance is putting Surrey on the map for its contribution in the local urban dance scene. Street Kings Manager, Karina Chumachenko states that she is inspired by how the dance scene is growing incredibly fast worldwide, and how “the Lower Mainland is not an exception,” with the Surrey battle and choreography scenes growing even faster.

Street Kings Dance offers a multitude of dance genres for all ages with a 6-level framework- anything from the more well known hip-hop style, to lesser known breaking and krump, dancehall to locking, popping to wacking. Whether you are a beginner, competitive dancer, or just looking for an open class to drop-in to, they’ve got the class for you. And on top of that, you’ll be taught by a top-notch roster of professional instructors focused equally on choreography as they are on freestyle.

Their teachers bring a fierce platform of worldly experience and accomplishments from the dance world into the studio setting. “Most of [our teachers] traveled to huge world competitions like Vibe, World of Dance, Body Rock,” etc. and “Victor Lau and Ryan Morrissette participated [in] “America’s Got Talent.” “All of our teachers travel around the world and Canada to teach kids choreography and freestyle foundations.”

Established in 2013 with only two classes offered per week, the Street Kings have quickly become one of Canada’s leading schools for hip-hop dance, and have truly put Surrey on the map for the urban dance scene. With the mission to help guide children on a path that discovers confidence, builds community, and inspires creativity beyond limits, the Street Kings believe that dancers can and will develop their potential in a setting that is both creative and friendly. Directed by Fraser Valley hip-hop pioneer, owner Darylle Johnson, bringing over 25 years of industry expertise into the studio, the Street Kings are making a name for themselves in and out of our Surrey borders. Speaking about the guiding force of the studio (owner Darylle), Studio Manager Karina explains that “her guidance and a strong program help students to push their limits and enter the professional dance world!”

When asked how dance can help empower people, Chumachenko explains that “dance is definitely a key to develop self-confidence, creativity and develop friendships. Also, dance helps a lot to keep teenagers busy and keep them from bad influence, and out of the streets. One more thing that bothers a lot a lot of parents is that more and more kids are stuck to their phones, [and] dance definitely helps to get kids out of that habit.” For example, earlier this month, Street Kings Dance participated in the 5th Annual “Throwdown” dance battle event at Salish Secondary School that hosted more than 300 dancers from various Surrey School District schools. “We always support our community, and when we had a chance to work with an amazing organizer from Salish secondary school Jenny-Lynn Jensen, we were so excited,” states Chumachenko. “The energy was just great, [the] kids supported each other, the level of dancers was really high.”

With a surplus of information and video-content available in our tech-driven society, different styles and dancers can be found online with ease. TV programs have also hugely contributed to a new wave of dancers through shows such as World of Dance and So You Think You Can Dance promoting dance as more than just a hobby, or even as a form of exercise, but rather as an overall lifestyle to take part in. The Street Kings think that “in the next 5 years, the scene will definitely grow up to 50%,” in fact.

They dance with no limits, and they dance with no borders. Representing Canada with two World Stage Teams in the upcoming UDO International Championship dance competition held in Orlando, Florida next month, the Street Kings are just getting started, waving their Canadian flags with pride worldwide.

To learn more about the Street Kings Dance Studio, check out their website here or their social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Robyn Freiheit

Robyn Freiheit

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