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DJing is an artform that has said to have begun back in 1943, when Jimmy Savile hosted the first live DJ party, where he played recorded music to a live crowd. Since then, it has only gotten more popular as tech, music and culture moved forward. I got a chance to talk to a local Surrey DJ, “DJ KHANVICT”, to learn how he got into this artform, and how it peaked his interest in music production.

What got you into DJing?

I had a friend in high school, and his dad employed DJs that he would send out to weddings and banquet halls. I randomly ran into him at a gas station in 2010 and he asked me to see his dad if I wanted a part time job. I went and saw him the next day and he asked me to start shadowing his current DJs and learning from them.

When did you start to produce music?

I started learning music production in March/April last year.

How do you incorporate your background into your music?

I grew up in Pakistan. I was 13 when I moved to Canada. I grew up listening to Sufi music from Pakistan and Bollywood hits by AR Rahman. I sample sounds from those genres a lot and make my own remixes from these songs that I am now playing at festivals. I’m also incorporating eastern instruments that I really resonate with (sitar, sarangi etc) into my production.

What are you listening to right now?

Absolutely love CloZee, her new album is sublime. I also listen to a lot of Emancipator these days as well as Pink Floyd and Coke Studio.

Your Go-To tracks when playing a set?

I have a trap remix of Jiya Jale with DSC that I really love, dropping. Also a Soohan flip of Kya Dekh Rahe Ho is one of my favorites. Echo by Axel Thesleff is another great one!

Who is your dream collaboration?

CloZee or AR Rahman.

What advice would you give to other upcoming musicians?

I feel like I am an upcoming musician myself, but if there’s one thing that I’d say, it’s to remember to have fun in the studio and on stage. In my opinion, that’s the only reason to pursue this and if you’re not having fun, it’ll show in your work. Also, you’ll never know everything and being open to learning constantly goes a very long way in making progress faster.

Dream Music Festival?

Tough one to pick, but I’d love to play Sunburn in India one day, and to play the Major Lazer block party in Pakistan. Oh and Burning Man!

Coolest thing you’ve experienced SO FAR in your music endeavours!

Opening up for Emancipator at Bumbershoot and being in the same poster as J Cole!

Favorite genres?

Downtempo house, trap, reggaeton, moombahton.

How does your music tie in with the city you live in?

Vancouver has a decent scene for bass and EDM music. It is not as prominent as hip hop but it is definitely developing really fast. I think as I get closer to my sound it’ll definitely have a strong space in the Vancouver eco system. Festivals like FVDED, which takes place here in Surrey, Contact and Shambhala are bringing world class talent to our backyards and that’s helping a lot.

Where can we find your work?

I’m on Spotify / Apple music under Khanvict as well as on Soundcloud.

Bhaveek Makan

Bhaveek Makan

Bhaveek Makan is a Writer/Director, currently based in Surrey, BC. Bhaveek has lived all over, starting in Durban, South Africa. He moved to Newfoundland, Canada in 2001, where he attended high school. Bhaveek did his post secondary studies in Calgary, Alberta. After graduating in Business Marketing, he is a full time filmmaker and founder of the production company, Rendering Glint Films. His focus is in diverse story-telling, and bringing Canadian stories to life.