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New City Centre pizzeria offers a truly authentic Italian experience

What makes a good pizza? Is it the dough? The ingredients? The technique? Or is it rather a combination of all the above plus an added dash of love? Whatever the equation is for an A+ pizza, the team at Surrey’s latest opening, Buona Pizza, have mastered it down.

Located nearby Surrey Central and SFU Surrey Campus, Buona Pizza is striving to bring the authentic Italian experience for food lovers to savour with convenience.

One of three business partners, Sandeep Singh, arrived to Surrey in January 2014 from Italy along with his friend, Sanamdeep Singh, who later filled the role as the establishment’s main chef (and second business partner). After a few months of living in Surrey, Sandeep and Sanamdeep’s friend Chanpreet Singh, followed the pair in making a move to Surrey.

The trio recall always missing good quality Italian food when they made the move to the Lower Mainland – with pizza topping their list. Sandeep explains how Sanamdeep worked as a pizza maker in Italy previously. “We always used to make our pizza at home,” he explains, as they noticed very few Italian restaurants (and more specifically, pizza shops) offered imported ingredients for fair prices. With time, the longing for authentic, ingredient-emphasized, and delicious pizza intensified… much so that they decided to open a pizza restaurant!

“This is our first business” states Sandeep. “We decided to open a pizza restaurant with an open kitchen concept, so that people can see our process.” The team is proud and committed in preparing pizzas with fresh, quality products, along with a selection (and respect) of imported, premium, Italian ingredients, paired with a fresh dough that is prepared from scratch daily. “Every single ingredient plays its role to make good food. We make fresh dough every day which enhances the flavour of our pizza – you can feel the freshness” explains Sandeep.

Quick interlude on a history of pizza. Yes, the concept of “pizza” that is near and dear to our hearts indeed originated from Italia, but it has taken much time for it to evolve into the pizza we know and love. Historically, it evolved from a basic flatbread concept from ancient cultures – and not just the Italians.

Historical evidence has shown various civilizations adding flavours to their flatbread variations. Then came the focaccia – a flatbread that has been claimed to be the direct precursor in terms of topping being added to enhance the flavour of the bread. It wasn’t until the late 19th century where the modern concept of pizza was established in Naples when tomato sauce was added to the bread. The popularity exploded from there!

Travelling forward in time and half way across the world, we come back to Buona Pizza. They offer 16 different variations of pizzas. Anything from the familiar classics of Pepperoni to less familiar, and “exotic” flavours native to Italy such as Carcioffi and Anchovy. Each with a sauce made from Napoleon tomatoes which adds to the authenticity of the flavour profiles they aim to create.

Imported ingredients are clearly identified on their menu, and include the likelihood of prosciutto, salami, anchovies, and parmigiano reggiano cheese. “These are known as good pizza ingredients which make all the difference,” claims Sandeep. So far, the Meat Lover pizza takes the cake for the best-seller position, but Sandeep has no shame in sharing that his personal favourite is the Prosciutto Funghi. “I’ve loved it since I tried it for the first time in Italy.”



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Only three business owners and three staff members are currently running the show, and very much excited to grow within the community. So far, the feedback is only positive from the whisperings around town, and the more publicized comments online, so why not try it for yourself? Send your taste buds to and from Italy without the long-haul flight! Buon appettito! To learn more about Buona Pizza’s menu, hours, and delivery services, check out their website or their Facebook page!

Robyn Freiheit

Robyn Freiheit

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